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    The (re)Issue

    50 years ago, today. “A protest would feature a “freedom trash can” into which women could throw away all the physical manifestations of women’s oppression, such as “bras, girdles, curlers, false eyelashes, wigs...

    After surviving breast cancer, Dana Donofree used her experience to launch a bra company for others like her, who want to feel sexy and feminine again.

    We thought we would introduce you to the women on our website and the individuals who walked at NYFW. Besides getting to know some of the amazing people who make up not only the AnaOno community, but the breast cancer community, too, our hope is to share wisdom and experiences of life both during and after cancer treatment, as well as those whose lives will forever include treatment for breast cancer.


    Summertime brings a unique set of beauty needs. Pool time, beach trips and outdoor concerts call for minimal makeup and lasting sun protection. I have rounded up a list of beauty items to meet your hair, skin and makeup needs during the summer without breaking the bank.


    In this space we occupy after a breast cancer diagnosis, life and death often feel magnified. We celebrate every milestone from another birthday to another year closer to five and then 10, along the way remembering to breathe.
    We really mean it when we say that you ladies inspire us every single day. When you tell us about designs you'd like or share pieces of your stories with us, we listen. It’s because of you telling us about your issues with finding ideal underwear, swimwear, whatever it is, that we came to create so many of our designs. So whenever we get the chance, we love to shine a spotlight on some people in the AO Community who inspire us. We'd now like to make an introduction.
    To say, as a fashion designer, that having my own collection walk the runway at New York Fashion Week has not been a dream of mine, would be a lie. And because I am not in the habit of wanting to lie to all of you, and don’t want to start now, I won’t.


    The Dangerous ONES are a group of ONES.
    The ONE out of 8 women who will develop invasive breast cancer.
    The ONE out of 3 that may develop metastatic breast cancer.
    Many of them never thought they would be the ONE.
    Some of them have taken measures to prevent being ONE.
    Nevertheless they are the ONES who have chosen to be different.
    One of our greatest gifts as women is our abundance of compassion and the ability to put others ahead of our needs. However, that can often mean we forget to take care of, and take some time for, ourselves.

    I Thank You All for Lifting Us Up Through 2016

    What a year 2016 was! I know collectively we’ve already said goodbye to a difficult 2016, but I wanted to gather my thoughts before sending my thanks, thoughts and gratitude on the past year. You see, 2016 may have started a bit grey, but it ended quite sunny in the Never Alone Sisterhood. And I hope to continue that sunshine into this year.

    | Guest Post by Barbara Musser, Founder of Sexy After Cancer and a 27-year breast cancer survivor. See more about her at

    As a longtime sex educator and breast cancer survivor, my path gives me the great gift of talking with many women about their sex lives before, during and after cancer diagnosis and treatment. I hear some stories of inspiration and hope, and many more of frustration and pain.

    In 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 34 years old. After having my bilateral mastectomy on my birthday, and then making it through the treatment, I discovered there are lots of other things I would never have expected from having cancer; like finding a bra for my newly reconstructed chest. That was such a pain in the ass (and chest).