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Breast Cancer, Body and Sexual Confidence Breast Cancer, Body and Sexual Confidence
Breast cancer is not just a medical challenge; its aftermath poses deep emotional and psychological ramifications. The founder of Rosebud Woman discuss  navigating issues of body confidence, desirability, and sexuality as part of their company mission to support all of the stages of a woman’s sensual, sexual and reproductive life, from menarche to menopause and beyond.
TitTats with TuckTats TitTats with TuckTats
I mentioned that my giant hip-to-hip tummy scar would be out there for everyone to see on the beach, and I said casually that I wish I had enough pain tolerance and gumption to get a cover-up tattoo. That’s when Amanda looked at me and cocked her head sideways. “What about a temporary tattoo to cover scars?” she asked me. “They don’t make ‘em that big,” I lamented, “and the ones out there are sort of ugly.” “So let’s make better ones!” she replied. 
Yoga Heals Beyond Breast Cancer Featuring MelBeyondYoga Yoga Heals Beyond Breast Cancer Featuring MelBeyondYoga
I am a 6-year survivor now. I am a lot more comfortable with my body than I’ve ever been in my life. I’m very proud of how much my body has gone through and healed. In 2021 I got certified in “Yoga for Cancer Recovery” which really helped raise my understanding of how to teach yoga specific to those recovering from cancer. I’ve used this knowledge, along with my personal experiences with cancer/surgery recovery, to teach the cancer community.
Self Love is Better Than Your Love Self Love is Better Than Your Love
The man that said we would get through this together, that after I was cancer free, we'd start our lives again. That same man chose to live his life without me. Chose to live his life as if I didn't survive my cancer. Now, if he was a real man, he would have been able to leave gently. He could have said he wasn't able to continue this life after cancer with me because he was the weak one.
Celebrating National Nude Day with Ginny Celebrating National Nude Day with Ginny

Much to the embarrassment and wonder of that 12-year-old girl I used to be, I decided to embrace my flatness. I decided to share my story publicly, and the most impactful thing I could think of was to go topless on the internet. My scars showed the reality of breast cancer. It is not pretty; it is not pink. It is an amputation. 

Meet Jaclyn Meet Jaclyn
Up this week we sat down with Jaclyn, as they explained to us their inspiring story of going to in to get a breast reduction to help relieve some back pain. After going through some general screenings before following through on the reduction surgery, the doctors found something considering. Jaclyn had the BRCA1 genetic mutation, and was told they should get a preventative mastectomy just to be safe.