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    Stylish Swimsuits for Mastectomy Patients

    Just like your bras, when it comes to swimsuits, we all deserve something beautiful, comfortable, and made for us. While you're adapting to your new body, shifting to specially designed breast cancer and post-mastectomy swimwear can help you feel confident, comfortable and sexy, even at the pool or beach.

    AnaOno mastectomy swimwear will allow you to enjoy the sun at every stage, from recovery, treatment and beyond.

    We have several pocketed swimsuits for breast prosthesis as well as styles that are made to complement asymmetry, reconstruction, flat and fabulous, and all designed to flatter your figure, scars and all. Because you still deserve a stylish swimsuit after your breast cancer treatment or breast surgery. These swimsuits are perfect for your vacation wardrobe or make great gifts from caregivers to their loved ones.

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    Quality and Style, Because You Deserve Both

    Style and functionality are only two parts of the equation when it comes to AnaOno bathing suits. We also focus on creating high-quality options that protect your skin. Flattering fits honor your unique breast surgeries and shapes, while luxurious UPF 50 fabrics help keep your sun-sensitive skin safe from UVA and UVB rays. This is ideal for those after radiation who may be dealing with particular skin-related side effects and sensitivities.

    In addition to consciously designed bathing suits for breast cancer patients, survivors, thrivers or their caregivers, AnaOno also offers a huge collection of comfortable, soft and lightweight bras and loungewear for women no matter their surgery or treatment.