20% off SWIMWEAR | Free U.S. Shipping for August with code SHIPFREE | Hassle free returns & exchanges

20% off SWIMWEAR | Free U.S. Shipping for August with code SHIPFREE | Hassle free returns & exchanges

Giving Back


AnaOno is proud to partner with Pink Warrior Angels to give back to those who need emotional, financial and every day support following a breast cancer diagnosis. It's no coincidence that we feel the same way as Pink Warrior Angels founders Julie Moser and Jen Reynolds when it comes to supporting the warriors in our community. Three survivors with the same ideals - it only made sense to join up together and help shoulder the cause.

"No women should ever walk the path of a breast cancer diagnosis by themselves, and by creating these special bonds…no women shall ever feel alone." - Pink Warrior Angels


We've heard from so many women undergoing treatment for breast cancer how difficult it is to afford something that will help them feel beautiful again, and we've listened. While anyone can apply to Pink Warrior Angels for financial and emotional assistance, you can now apply for a free AnaOno Bra*. Yes! We have made four collections available to Pink Warrior Angels so one can choose what works best for them no matter where they are in the process.


We are also offering discounts on merchandise for those who wish to make a donation to Pink Warrior Angels. Want 40% off your next purchase? We have promo codes set aside just for you. All you have to do is help us help Pink Warrior Angels and the individuals the foundation serves. A tax-deductible donation AND money saved on your favorite AnaOno product? It's a win-win. It's paying it forward. 



Pink Warrior Angels was founded by two breast cancer survivors who felt extremely alone during their treatments.  While they had the unconditional support of their friends and family, they had no one to turn to who had actually experienced cancer first hand.  Julie and Jen found each other on social media and both agreed there had to be a better way to fill that void.  Pink Warrior Angels was founded on the idea that no one should ever have to fight this disease alone and thus have created a unique support system for all who have and are battling a breast cancer diagnosis.

Pink Warrior Angels currently provides an “Angel" of support who has completed treatment for breast cancer,  to a newly diagnosed “Warrior”.  Our “angels” commit to providing support to their assigned “warrior" in the form of gifts, words of encouragement, cards, and even in person meetings.  Creating these life long bonds -  reassures our warriors that they do not have to walk this challenging time alone and to feel inspired that they can and will come out of this.  In addition to the emotional support, Pink Warrior Angels also provides financial assistance to those in need.  There are many unexpected expenses that follow a breast cancer diagnosis, ranging from medical bills and co-pays, rides to treatment, meal planning, and cleaning services just to name a few.  Our mission is to do whatever it is we can to lessen the burden of a cancer diagnosis, both financially and emotionally, and to ensure that our warriors know they are never alone. (excerpted from Pink Warrior Angels website)


 *Applies only to one of four styles - the Front Closure Bra, a bra from our MAKEMERRY Collection, the Alejandra or the Kelly. Financial restrictions do apply. Anyone wishing to get a free bra through Pink Warrior Angels must complete an application and provide supporting documentation.