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Here at AnaOno we know the importance of community. We work hard to ensure that no woman going through diagnosis, treatment, or surgery feels alone. That’s why we make sure to align ourselves with reputable organizations who share our vision.

It’s our deepest belief that when faced with a diagnosis you deserve the best and with us you are #NeverAlone.

For three consecutive years, we’ve had the honor to showcase at New York Fashion Week in partnership with Project #Cancerland, a platform that is focused on changing the conversation and evoking accountable actions for a cure of breast cancer. All funds raised from the show go to METAvivor, an organization that uses 100% of the monies raised to fund research grants to improve the lives of Stage IV breast cancer patients, also known as metastatic breast cancer. Each year, the runway features breast cancer patients as the models, wearing designs made especially for them, and showing the world what breast cancer really looks like. Our 2019 #NOTJUSTONE fashion show featured ALL metastatic patient models who bravely strutted the runway to raise funds for the diagnosis they all face. In total, AnaOno x Cancerland has raised over $150,000 for research, research that will potentially lead to more and better therapies to treat metastatic breast cancer.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Living Beyond Breast CancerLBBC provides programs and services for those affected by breast cancer. It acts as a support system, informing individuals of the resources available to them and offering advice for their particular needs. LBBC has been a great supporter of AnaOno and has partnered with us for many events over the years!

The Breasties is a nonprofit organization that provides support to young women affected by breast and ovarian cancer. Through free wellness retreats, events, and meet-ups around the world survivors, previvors, and caregivers find community and friendship.

AnaOno recognizes the importance of this community and has sponsored a portion of events and wellness retreats.

Pink Warrior Angels Hills Country is a nonprofit organization that alleviates both the financial and emotional impact a breast cancer diagnosis can leave behind, while also providing them a sisterhood to guide them through-out their journey.

AnaOno believes strongly in this mission and has partnered with PWA Hills Country to create a Mastectomy Bra Program, which provides women with a free bra, should their finances not allow them to purchase one. For more information or to request a free mastectomy bra, click here.