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    Many people who’ve had a single or double mastectomy, with or without reconstruction, don’t know that insurance may cover your purchase of post-surgery bras and mastectomy bras, breast prostheses and breast forms. With a qualifying prescription from your doctor, you may be eligible.

    What You Need to Know

    The Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998 (WHCRA) provides protection to patients who choose to have mastectomy or reconstruction, and for those who choose prosthesis or forms post-surgery. From Medicare and Medicaid, to your private insurance, all insurances have programs to cover your surgical bras and post-mastectomy bras, but there could be some limitations.

    1. Most insurance plans typically allow and cover between 4-6 post-surgery bras per year. This will vary by provider and medical need.

    2. Only pocketed bras are included in the coverage restrictions set by insurance providers. Check out our super soft pocketed mastectomy bra collection to see which styles work for you.

    3. There may be out-of-pocket costs, such as co-pays, upgrade fees, and even additional costs if deductibles are not yet met for the year. Some plans may even require you to pay upfront and receive reimbursement later.

    4. Bras are not typically covered until after you’ve had your mastectomy surgery. We recommend waiting 4-6 weeks post-mastectomy surgery to account for any swelling or soreness that may occur immediately following your surgery. If applying before your mastectomy, insurance may decline your submission, and you would need to resubmit your file for processing.

    5. Bras can also be purchased with an FSA or HSA account.

    6. If you need a receipt for reimbursement of your AnaOno bra purchase, you can request one at, to submit the claim on your own.

    7. AnaOno is not a licensed Medicare provider. Submissions made through this network may result in denial.


    Bras ARE NOT covered until after your mastectomy surgery. We recommended waiting 4-8 weeks after your mastectomy or reconstruction surgery to apply for your AnaOno bras so the fit will be comfortable and truer to size after healing is complete and swelling has reduced.

    Medicare and Medicaid may require a purchase of breast prostheses at time of your bra order, or require that breast forms are being used with a mastectomy bra to ensure coverage.

    What about reconstruction? We know that not every reconstruction is perfect. Your insurance may require a purchase of a balance form in your history to ensure mastectomy bra coverage.

    Don’t need a breast form? If insurance covers it and the deductible has been met, a breast form can be a useful back-up, just in case.


    Prescription (don't forget your diagnosis code)

    Insurance info (always in your wallet)

    Ordering Physicians contact info (got ‘em on speed dial, we know

    For further assistance please contact us at


    Check out our answers to frequently asked questions below for some extra help and guidance.

    FAQ: Insurance Coverage

    Restrictions are not based on WHEN your mastectomy was, but by use and need of a mastectomy bra. All you need is a prescription from your doctor.

    Generally, most insurance companies allow 4-6 bras per year. You can ask the person in charge of running your claim about the exact number allowed by your insurer.

    Reconstruction is not always perfect, and a balance form or other breast prosthesis may be needed. It is important to get your prescription from your surgeon or plastic surgeon for a L8000 coded pocketed mastectomy bra and apply to check your coverage.

    Yes, you are. Your doctor or surgeon can write a prescription for a L8000 pocketed mastectomy bra and you can apply to check your coverage.

    All AnaOno pocketed bra styles are eligible for coverage under the L8000 code. You can find these styles by searching for bras with “pocketed” in the name. Or, you can browse our collection of pocketed styles. Please note that other non-pocketed styles are not included in this code.

    Any doctor within your course of treatment can prescribe your breast forms and mastectomy bras, but we suggest your breast surgeon or plastic surgeon as they are accustomed to writing these prescriptions. Scheduling your doctor’s visit? Download our prescription form here.

    Be sure your diagnosis code is written on the prescription as well as the amount of mastectomy bras deemed medically necessary. We recommend asking for a minimum of four bras, that way you don’t have to go back right away for another prescription. Diagnosis codes available on our easy to use prescription form that can be downloaded here.

    Once passed to the provider for processing, prescriptions are valid for up to 90 days. That means, you don’t have to make a full commitment on your first order. You can request one bra, check the size, fit, and style, and then order additional bras without needing a new prescription.

    It depends. Medicare & Medicaid may require an upgrade fee to process AnaOno bras through the insurance, and this depends on if they are your primary or secondary insurance.

    Please note, AnaOno LLC will not process any claims on your behalf. We are here to answer any fit question you may have. Please contact us at or call 866-879-1744 and ask for Lauren.