Silicone Bra Insert, 1-2 Cup Size Difference

Size: 202 (S)
Color: Clear

Enhance Symmetry and Boost Confidence with the NEW Evenly Bra Balancer  


Looking for the best breast insert for bras? This breast silicone form is designed for those who are uneven or have asymmetrical breasts of up to 1-2 cup size difference. It's perfect for individuals who experience breast shrinkage following lumpectomy and radiation therapy, partial mastectomy without reconstruction, unilateral breast reconstruction, post-nursing breast differences, or Poland syndrome asymmetry.


The innovative silicone breast pad provides a lightly weighted bra insert that replicates the weight of the difference in natural breast tissue, allowing your bra to hold and distribute your chest more evenly. This breast silicone enhancer may also be used to help balance unevenness due to the results of breast reconstructive surgery.


Easy to use and affordable silicone breast form can be inserted into our pocketed bras or used comfortably against the skin. Looking for additional comfort? Try our Evenly form covers, which are perfect for post-surgical, sensitive skin. Need more comfort on the go? Try the 100% natural, vegan, talc-free Evenly Dusting Powder, which helps to absorb moisture, and leaves a silky-smooth finish so you feel fresh all day long.


The Evenly form is the best silicone bra insert, that is sold individually, get one to wear, and one to swim in. This waterproof silicone breast prosthesis is approved for swimming and outdoor activities so you can enjoy balance wherever you go!



-Sold INDIVIDUALLY; if you want one for regular wear and one for swimming, add 2 to your cart.

-Simple and Easy to Use. Just insert to wear and remove to wash into your pocketed bra.

-The waterproof design and lightweight feeling make it perfect for outdoor activities.

-Designed with you in mind, this lightweight breast form insert empowers you to embrace your body and style with renewed confidence.

Cleaning & Care
Hand wash occasionally with mild soapy water, rinse and dry. Store in bag away from heat and sunlight