Silicone Breast Insert, 2-3 Cup Sizes Difference

Size: 301 (XS)
Color: Clear

Looking to achieve a fuller bust under clothing, this innovative prosthetic breast form can be inserted into the pocket of a bra or worn directly against the body, giving the appearance of a B/C cup shape. Best if used for flat after mastectomy, mastectomy bra with prosthesis, swim forms, or achieving balance with extreme asymmetry resulting in 2-3 cups sizes different. Best to pair mastectomy bras and prosthesis for easy wear and simple to use pockets.  


Easy-to-use and affordable breast silicone forms can be inserted into the pockets of our bras or used comfortably against your skin. A great alternative to a realistic breast form, the clear silicone boob inserts allow your skin tone to peak through, while adapting to your body's temperature. Don’t want your skin tone to peak through? Try out our super soft, moisture wicking bra covers, which are sold separately for additional comfort.  

Looking for an on-the-go solution? Try the 100% natural, vegan, talc-free Evenly Dusting Powder, which helps to absorb moisture, and leaves a silky-smooth finish so you feel fresh all day long. 


This waterproof silicone boob insert is approved for swimming and outdoor activities so you can enjoy balance wherever you go! 

-Deep hollow back and lightly tapered edges for a secure and smooth fit

-Natural breast shape and projection to suit a 2-3 cup size difference between the breasts

-High-quality, soft, transparent silicone that allows your skin tone to show through and gently warms to your body temperature

-Natural fluid movement and feel, just like real breast tissue

-Suitable to be worn every day, even when swimming or exercising

-Sold individually to be worn only on your smaller side, in either the left or right bra cup. If you want a "set" please add 2 forms to your cart.

-Wear with our super-soft, moisture-wicking Bra Balancer covers, sold separately in a range of skin tones

Cleaning and Care
Hand wash occasionally with mild soapy water, rinse and dry. Store in bag away from heat and sunlight