Evenly Dusting Powder

Size: OS
Color: Clear

Evenly Dusting Powder can be dusted onto your breast or your Bra Balancer™ to keep it feeling fresh and comfortable all day long. The 100% natural, talc-free, ultra-fine powder absorbs moisture, soothes irritation and minimizes friction. It can also be used without a Bra Balancer™ to prevent bra chaffing, thigh rub or under-boob clamminess!

-Fine, soft hypoallergenic powder suitable for all skin types including dry or sensitive

-Absorbs sweat and gives a smooth, silky feel so you feel fresh and comfortable even on hot Summer days or when exercising

-100% natural clay powder with a soothing neutral pH

-Pot contains soft powder puff for easy application

-Not tested on animals and suitable for vegans

-For a little extra help keeping everything fresh and comfortable why not also try our moisture-wicking breathable Bra Balancer comfort covers

Lightly dust onto your breast or the inside of the bra balancer before wearing
100% British-made Kaolin Clay