Perkies Petals

Size: OS
Color: Cashew

Enhance your confidence and maintain your modesty with Perkies Petals waterproof nipple covers! Created with a matte finish, these covers provide ideal coverage in a lightweight and comfortable design.

Perkies Petals are great for those who have inverted nipples, side slanted nipples, or anyone seeking to hide a nipple under a shirt. The Perkies Petal nipple covers feature a silicone adhesive backing (reusable) and can be worn with or without a bra. They are also washing machine safe thanks to the regenerative adhesive, allowing for multiple uses.

Waterproof: can we worn with a bathing suit

- Matte, reusable nipple enhancers with silicone adhesive backing (reusable)

-  Washable: Perkies Petals should be washed with mild soap and air dried to activate stickiness.


- Transportable packaging: Comes with a travel case.


- Silicone adhesive: Hypoallergenic, MSDS, and SGS certified.

*Due to the fragility of the adhesive, we will only accept returns on items that have not been washed or worn. Additionally, if your products  have been damaged during transit or if you were shipped the wrong item by mistake we will also offer a return/exchange.*

Care Instructions
The adhesive effect will be reduced by sweat, moisturizers, perfumes and similar skin products. Perkies Nips should be washed with mild soap and air dried to activate stickiness. Do not wear longer than 8 hours.
User Warning
If you have sensitive skin and/or broken skin, do NOT use these Nipple Petals. If any irritation occurs, remove Petals immediately.
Return Information
We accept returns or exchanges for products damaged in transit, products that have not been opened or worn or if the incorrect item was shipped. Thank you for understanding!

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