Subtle Shaper, Up to 1 Cup Size Difference

Size: 003 (L)
Color: Clear

Achieve Symmetry and Confidence with Evenly’s Subtle Shaper


This bra insert is designed specifically for those addressing uneven breasts or asymmetrical breasts. Perfect for those who have had lumpectomy surgeries after breast cancer, uneven cup sizes due to post-nursing and/or natural development and for rounding out breast reconstruction scarring.


This innovative silicone bra pad provides a slim, concave round shape that can give a subtle boost or rounder appearance under clothing. If achieving symmetry is your goal, we recommend this silicone bra balancer as an easy and accessible option to your wardrobe for those who experience less than 1 cup size difference from breast to breast.

This easy to use and affordable breast form can be inserted into our pocketed bras or comfortably against the skin, partnered with our dusting powder to absorb moisture with a silky-smooth feel so you feel fresh. This waterproof shaper is approved for swimming and outdoor activities so you can enjoy balance wherever you go!


- More than just a nipple cover, this bra cake is crafted to provide gentle, yet effective shaping for a natural look and feel under clothing.


- Sold INDIVIDUALLY to balance out asymmetry; if looking for a bilateral enhancement, add two to cart.

- The discreet design is slim and lightweight which ensures the shaper remains invisible under your favorite tops and dresses, so you can confidently wear what you love confidently.

- Simple and Easy to Use. Just insert to wear and remove to wash into your pocketed bra. The waterproof design and lightly tapered edges make it perfect for outdoor activities.

- Designed with care and precision, this shaper empowers you to embrace your body and style with renewed confidence.

Cleaning and Care
Hand wash occasionally with gentle silicone mild soapy water, rinse and dry. Store in bag away from heat and sunlight