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    No.403: 10+ Helpful Gifts for Cancer Patients

    10+ Helpful Gifts for Cancer Patients

    Looking for good gifts for a cancer patient? Start here.

    No one plans for a cancer diagnosis, yet it affects so many of us. According to  The National Cancer Institute, over 1.8 million people in the United States were diagnosed with some form of cancer in 2020. With so many people affected, it’s likely that you have a friend, family member, or loved one with the disease. 

    After hearing those three words, “I have cancer,” you immediately go into support-mode researching the best things to say, gifts to give, and care packages to put together. These gift ideas for cancer patients will help ease them in their recovery and show that you’ve taken the time to understand what they’re going through and how you can support them in a meaningful way, because trust us, no patient needs another pink ribbon bracelet. Read on to check out our favorite gifts. 

    Comfortable Clothing for Cancer Patients

    1. AnaOno Miena Robe with Drain Management Belt

    What it is: Those diagnosed with breast cancer will most likely undergo a mastectomy, radiation, chemotherapy, or a combination of the three. Help your loved one ease into their recovery with a comfortable and functional loungewear piece, a robe. The Miena Robe with Drain Management Belt offers larger arm holes than traditional robes making it simpler for those recovering from a mastectomy to dress themselves. There’s also an inner belt with two detachable pouches that can be used for post-mastectomy drain management. This is a great gift for anyone recovering from any type of surgery. 

    Why it’s loved: “I bought this robe for my daughter-in-law who just had a double mastectomy in Montreal. She is thrilled with the drain management bags because they take the weight off the incisions and the drain bags. The hospital said they had never seen these before and found this to be a great idea.” - Pam

    Buy it: $78 at AnaOno

    woman in pink robe and bra with black drain management belt

    2. AnaOno Gift Card

    What it is: Undergoing cancer treatments is difficult physically and emotionally. Cancer survivors and thrivers will need new bras after surgery and treatment. Give them the gift of choice with an AnaOno gift card. With a gift card, they’ll be able to choose the style and fit that’s right for them. This is so much more than a gift card. You’re giving your loved one the gift of beauty, confidence, and empowerment. 

    Why it’s loved: “Thank you! My friend loved her purchase!” - Lisa F. 

    Buy it:Starting at $25 at AnaOno

    anaono gift card

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    3. Hope Scarves

    What it is: Founded by Lara McGregor, Hope Scarves encourages people facing all types of cancer by sending out scarves and stories of hope, shared by thousands of courageous survivors.  Their mission extends to support research as well and a portion of every dollar raised funds metastatic breast cancer research. Through connection & collaboration, Hope Scarves is changing the way people experience cancer.

    Why it’s loved: “A Hope Scarf is like no other scarf.  It is magic.” – Sara, Hope Scarf Recipient

    Buy it: Request a scarf or make a donation at  Hope Scarves

    Hope Scarves on woman's neck

    4. Notes to Self Socks

    What it is: Spending days in the hospital and countless hours in cancer treatment is taxing. Make your loved one feel comfortable with a pair of socks that spread positivity. These “I am Beautiful” socks can serve as a reminder that you’re thinking of them and show them that they are beautiful regardless of their diagnosis. 

    Why it’s loved: “Love these socks. I feel special when I wear them!” - Vicky S.

    Buy it: $14.99 at  Notes to Self

    black socks with I am beautiful written on them

    Shop "I am Beautiful" Socks

    5. StyleEsteem 

    What it is: When Sonya Keshwani lost her hair to chemo, she created the stylish and comfortable head wraps she wanted to wear but couldn’t find in stores. Those designs inspired her to create StyleEsteem Wardrobe, a place where women like her could shop for head wraps the same way the shop for clothes – by season and occasion. Each turban has an inspiring name and is so fashionable you will want to wear them throughout treatment and beyond. The one-size-fits most styles are great for your baldie and for accommodating your hair as it grows back. StyleEsteem also has a blog to support your hair journey, before, during and after treatment.

    Why it’s loved: “When I wear my headwrap I feel like I am my fashionable self again, dressing for the season and having fun with my look.” - Danielle S. 

    Buy it:  $29+ at StyleEsteem. Use code ANAONO20 at checkout for 20% off your order.

    woman wearing head scarf

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    Safe Cosmetics for People with Cancer

    6. Salty Girl Beauty

    What it is: Salty Girl Beauty was founded by Sarah Kelly and her sister Leah Robert in 2015. After a breast cancer diagnosis and while going through chemo, Sarah lost all of her hair. When this happened, she felt like she lost her beauty and confidence. She discovered the power that beautiful scarves and lipsticks had in helping her rediscover her groove, confidence and saltiness. Thus, the idea of SaltyGirl Beauty was born. Salty Girl Beauty offers a subscription box  gift basket that makes the perfect gift for the beauty buff in your life. Made from clean, organic ingredients, this self-care box is packed with their best-selling bath salts, body scrubs, soaps and signature bath-bombs (which you can only get in this box!)

    Why it’s loved: “Love these bath salts. I love lavender and these bath salts add so much to a bath at the end of the day. It is not just the great smell but also the soft feeling it gives to my skin.” - Maureen B.

    Buy it: $117 for a three month subscription at  Salty Girl Beauty

    two bags of salty girl bath salts

    7. Spero Hope Deodorant

    What it is: This line was created by  JamieLee after her own breast cancer diagnosis. Now cancer-free, she has devoted her energy to living a lifestyle as free from chemicals as possible. After years of extensive research and trial-and-error experimentation, she developed a line of personal hygiene products that are aluminum free, paraben free, and chemical free. Spero Hope offers deodorants and body butters that smell amazing, work great, and don't pollute your body. They are committed to helping clients to reach a non-chemical lifestyle, free of cancer-causing parabens.

    Why it’s loved: “I love this product - it works, it has a delicate aroma, and best of all - it's SAFE! Thank you!” - Rebecca M.

    Buy it: $12 at  Spero Hope, LLC

    jar of deodorant

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    8. Violets are Blue Skincare Facial Serum

    What it is: Violets are Blue was created out of a personal need for skincare that is natural and safe for the body as well as the environment. After her breast cancer diagnosis in 2011, founder Cynthia, made it her mission to develop skincare that is safe and natural. This serum is perfect for treated, tired, dry, and/or mature skin. You'll find all natural ingredients including Evening Primrose, Argan, Rosehip oil, Jojoba, and a handful of essential oils such as Carrot Seed and Lavender in this easily absorbed, highly effective serum. Dry skin is one of the many side effects of cancer treatment and this serum is here to help. It can even be rubbed onto your lips to act as a base layer for your lip balm. Cynthia says, “This is the first product I ever created as I needed to address what was going on with my own skin. I needed something that soothed and hydrated as well as calmed redness and inflammation. This felt so nice on my skin not only in the moment of putting it on, but seeing results in the life of my skin come back was more than I could hope for. It's also great to use on your hair as it regrows (or to calm your scalp) your cuticles and lips.”

    Why it’s loved: “I first began using this serum while I was going through chemo. I got this as a gift. I was having a terrible rash on my face as a side effect from chemo. This product helped my face so much. After chemo I am still using it. I love it.” - Susan H.

    Buy it: $42 at  Violets are Blue Skincare

    glass jar of skincare serum

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    9. Hymed Skincare

    What it is: Hymed Skincare prides themselves on healing through hyaluronic hydration. This non-alkaline  Gentle Skin Cleanser is the perfect gift for any cancer warrior in your life who is struggling with dry, sensitive skin. It’s formulated with hyaluronic acid and is completely free of toxic and inflammatory ingredients to soothe skin as you cleanse. Skin looks clear, soft and hydrated after use - a cancer patient’s dream!

    Why it’s loved: “I have tried many products in my plastic and reconstructive surgery center for post-operative home care. I am most impressed with Hylunia/Hymed products because they accelerate the healing process and minimize the scarring. They are completely free of all ingredients that can cause inflammation and irritation. In my practice, a paraben free line is important to me and to my patients.” - Bart Rademaker, MD, Plastic Surgeon, Tampa, FL

    Buy it: $32 at  Hymed

    bottle of hymed skin cleanser

    Shop Hymed Gentle Skin Cleanser

    Unique Gifts to Give Someone with Cancer 

    10. ParkPuff™ Seat Belt Protector

    What it is: Created by a breast cancer survivor, the  ParkPuff™ is a stylish chest-comforting, go-anywhere seat belt pillow for (breast) cancer & surgery patients worldwide.With a portable and stylish design, the ParkPuff™ seat belt pillow allows your chest to travel in comfort while in the car. This seatbelt cover is a total game changer for anyone experiencing sensitivity after surgery. 

    Why it’s loved: “My port rests below my collarbone and directly underneath the seatbelt. This is the first time I’ve been able to drive with both hands. I love my ParkPuff™!” - Anonymous

    Buy it: $39 at  Survivor Moda

    woman in car with polka dot seat belt protector

    Shop The ParkPuff™ 

    11. Care + Wear PICC Line Cover

    What it is: Care + Wear offers healthwear, medically accessible apparel and accessories that have been expertly developed with the highest standards of design, comfort and performance. For those going through chemotherapy, PICC lines are inserted to avoid the constant sticking and re-sticking from more commonly known IVs. PICC lines stay in longer and need to be monitored regularly to avoid infection. These ultra-soft, antimicrobial and moisture-wicking  PICC line covers make it easier to securely protect the PICC line, while allowing for breathability, visibility and active monitoring of the insertion site. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles with lengths available in bicep and full arm options, so you can choose the color and size that suits your loved one’s style. 

    Why it’s loved: “Having something like this to cover my PICC line makes me feel more confident and comfortable in public with it. The window in it is great for making sure things are looking well under the dressing as well!” -M.S.

    Buy it: $29.90 at  Care + Wear

    woman wearing a purple PICC line cover on her right arm

    Shop PICC Line Covers

    12. Anti-Na Nausea Relief Chews

    What it is: Another side effect of chemotherapy treatments is nausea. KDD Nutra has developed all-natural nausea relief chews to help patients who suffer from occasional nausea. Their mission is to provide Natural ingredients for natural relief, so today can be better than yesterday. Make your loved one’s day better than yesterday when you gift them these chews!

    Why it’s loved: “Anti-Na ginger chews have really made a difference. I have tried other chews that are hard to chew on and hard to suck on. They are soft...such a blessing! It's a nice tradeoff to having to take over-the-counter medications. So thrilled I found them. Thank you!” - Toni

    Buy it: $9.50 at  KDD Nutra

    three boxes of Anti-Na chews

    Shop Anti-Na Chews

    13. Ear Seed Acupressure Kit 

    What it is: According to a study by  JAMA Oncology, acupressure can help improve sleep and relieve chronic fatigue experienced by those being treated for breast cancer. Traditional acupuncture can be expensive, which is why at-home acupressure has become more popular these days. These ear seeds are tiny beads placed on one of the ear's acupressure points to experience relief almost immediately. They are an easy and needle-free way to empower your loved one’s health and well-being. 

    Why it’s loved: “I was afraid at first that these would fall into my ears when I was sleeping but they stay on! Also, it's not just placebo, I really felt something the moment I applied them. They're unique, beautiful, and make a cool gift.” - Meghan H.

    Buy it: $45 at  wthn

    acupressure ear seeds kit

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    Now it’s time to go shopping! Purchasing any one of these gifts for your loved one in treatment will go a long way. These gifts were designed to maximize their comfort and will let them know you’re thinking about them.

    Dana Donofree

    Dana Donofree

    Founder and CEO of AnaOno. After a diagnosis of breast cancer in her late 20’s, Dana took her own lived experience and fashion design background and (re)designed intimates for those that have undergone breast surgery. Dana’s story has been published around the world in outlets like New York Times, BBC, Huffington Post, The Today Show, and more.