Tackle dreaded boob sweat
16 Natural Ways To Tackle Dreaded Boob Sweat

16 Natural Ways To Tackle Dreaded Boob Sweat

Dana Donofree
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16 Natural Ways To Tackle Dreaded Boob Sweat

As much as we may love warm summer months, going for a jog, or a session of Bikram yoga, our breasts sure don’t. While sweating is a perfectly natural way to keep our bodies cool, boob sweat is a whole other experience: Sticky, a little swampy, and altogether a terribly unpleasant experience. If you want to avoid the boob sweat on your next tropical vacay or Pilates class, read on to discover some tips and tricks on how to minimize this problem.

16 Ways To Minimize Or Prevent Boob Sweat

As much as we hate to see and feel it, boob sweat is not an uncommon experience. While sweating there is totally normal, it’s understandable if you want to find ways to at least lessen the experience. Thankfully, there are many effective ways to help minimize boob sweat or prevent it altogether.

1. Ditch The Heat-Trapping Materials

When choosing a new bra (especially in summer or when you expect to sweat a lot), it’s important to know which materials will and won’t be your friend. Synthetic materials such as polyester and rayon are ones to avoid because they aren’t breathable. Instead, it’s best to go for lightweight,  breathable fabrics such as modal, cotton, or linen. (Side note: Every AnaOno bra is made with modal, which is 50% more absorbent than cotton!)

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2. Skip Padding

While you may love padded bras that give you boobs some oomph, these types of bras are not the best choice on a hot day. The extra padding acts as another layer of clothing, which will just make you warmer and therefore sweat a whole bunch. Additionally, many of these padded bras are made of synthetic fibers that trap heat. If you know you’re going to be doing strenuous activity or it’s super warm outside, ditch the padding and stick to a lightweight bra instead. 

3. Try a Bra With Mesh Panels

Finding a bra that includes mesh material is a game-changer when it comes to heat. Mesh lets hot air escape and lets the breeze in, especially in places that tend to sweat more because they’re covered by clothing, like your boobs.

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4. Wear A Sports Bra

If you know you’re going to have an active day, or even if it’s going to be a blazing 90 degrees, head straight to the sports bra in your drawer. Sports bras don’t just keep you comfortable, but many of them are designed to wick away moisture and help keep you dry.

However, not all sports bras are created equal. When choosing the right sports bra, opt for one that is lightweight and has moisture-wicking properties like the  Paige Sports Bra. And while you’re at it, if you only have one sports bra in your drawer, it’s a good idea to pick up a few more. Re-wearing an unwashed sports bra will smell and can actually make you feel a little funkier after a second day’s worth of wear.

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5. Consider A Moisture-Wicking Bra 

If you can find an everyday bra made with moisture-wicking fabric, buy it. The moisture-wicking fabric works wonders because it pulls the sweat droplets away from your skin so they instead get absorbed into the fabric. This way, it’s easier for the sweat to evaporate and you won’t be left with a pool of underboob sweat. You can thank us later.

6. Go Braless

To our small-boob friends: If you have the option to go braless, do it! Eliminating that extra layer of fabric, especially if you can occasionally skip the extra support, can do wonders on an ultra-hot day. Instead, try wearing a halter top, a bandeau top, or a tank top so you have a bit of, ahem, modesty coverage. If you’re worried about your nipples showing through your shirt, many stores sell pasties you can easily stick on.

7. Pick A Loose, Flowy Top

If you’re like any other bra-wearer out there, there’s been some occasion, whether a date, at an event, or just walking the dog, where your boob sweat got a bit too intense and affected your focus -- or even just straight-up showed through your clothes. Honestly, it’s embarrassing enough to run back home and hide. If this is an issue that you’ve experienced more than occasionally, try opting for a looser-fitting, flowy top. Not only does loose clothing give your boobs a bit more breathing room, but any sweat that does form won’t show as obviously.

8. Invest In A Cotton Bra Liner

If you find yourself sweating a lot, but don’t want to go the no-bra route, a simple solution is to use a bra liner. The bra liner is a small piece of fabric you add to the inside of your bra to create a barrier between your boob sweat and your bra. This will pull the sweat droplets away from your skin so your skin won’t feel itchy or irritated. When looking for a bra liner, search for a cotton material because it’s the most absorbent and lightweight. 

9. Use Antiperspirant Or Deodorant Under Your Breasts

Deodorant is used to mask the scent of sweat while an antiperspirant can stop sweat in its tracks. But did you know that it can work for other parts aside from your pits? Try applying a bit of antiperspirant under your boobs and in your cleavage to help get the sweaty situation under control.

10. Try A Deodorant Spray

Deodorant sprays are great for on-the-go applications. They’re easy to use, and can easily mask the scent of sweat. If you’re naturally a sweaty person, simply pack this into your bag for an easy, quick-to-use fix. 

11. Try Argan Oil

Argan oil is packed with antioxidants and hydrating fatty acids which help improve the appearance of damaged skin and reduce redness. Not only will this oil give your skin a healthy glow, but it’s also said to work wonders on reducing irritation and perspiration. Simply use a dab of argan oil next time you get out of the shower to help keep the boob sweat in line.

12. Dust On Baby Powder

It may sound odd, but baby powder isn’t just for diapers. This highly absorbent powder can help whisk away the sweat under and between your boobs. Not only does it absorb sweat (and help with any smelliness), but it’s also great for chafing and rashes. You can either powder your boobs directly or put a bit in each bra up for sweat-free, feel-good skin.

If you feel a little weird powdering your boobs, that’s understandable. Instead, look for baby powder in spray-on forms that you can apply more precisely in every nook that needs it.

13. Use Antiperspirant Wipes or Baby Wipes

A few great on-the-go products are baby wipes, antiperspirant wipes, or a similar body wipe designed for convenient touching up throughout the day. They can easily fit in any bag, they won’t make a mess, and are super easy to use. Whenever you begin to sweat, grab a wipe and swipe under your breasts. Cleaning your skin will help eliminate any smell, too.

14. Try Anti-Chafing Products

While many anti-chafing products like Body Glide are packaged to look like deodorant, don’t be fooled: These products aren’t the same. The main purpose of anti-chafing products is to prevent rubbing that can create sweat, redness, and irritation. Apply it under your boobs or between your boobs.

15. Wear Black And Darker Colors

While black doesn’t like the sun very much and captures and retains heat in a way lighter colors don’t, it’s a great quick option if you find yourself in a rush on a hot day. Wearing black, navy, or other dark colors easily hides any sweat stains, so even if you feel like your sweat is raining down like a waterfall, odds are that most people won’t be able to see it. This is an easy option if you find yourself on a hot day where antiperspirant can’t stop the sweat.

16. Hydrate, Hydrate, And Hydrate Again

Yes, water to combat something wet -- it works! Believe it or not, excessive sweating is a sign of dehydration, and if your boob sweat is in overdrive, it may be a sign to get in the recommended eight glasses a day. Especially if you’re someone who struggles to remember to drink water, start carrying a water bottle with you wherever you go.

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