Evenly x AnaOno
Evenly x AnaOno

Evenly x AnaOno

Dana Donofree
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Introducing Evenly Breast Forms, designed to provide effective and innovative non-surgical solutions to the challenges of breast asymmetry, no what what the cause. We sat down with Found/CEO of Evenly, Kate Taylor to learn more about her brand and how we believe Evenlys are perfect for those in our community.

What Inspired you to start Evenly?

Back in 2014, ballet flat shoes and stiletto pumps were dominating in women’s shoe fashions but as someone who has one foot slightly bigger than the other (another completely natural manifestation of our body’s unique asymmetries) I was forever having to pad out one shoe to help them stay on. So I started looking into shoe design and investigated selling mismatched sized pairs. I spoke to a number of women who loved the idea but whose resounding feedback was “Shoes aren’t my biggest problem, bras are!”

Like the majority of women, I have a difference in breast size but assumed it was an issue unique to me and made do by tightening my bra strap on the one side and doing my best to disguise it in foam cup bras. How was I to know I was in the majority when all we typically see in lingerie advertising are perfectly round, perfectly symmetrical breasts? 

I began to investigate bras – could I create bras with mismatched cup sizes or adjustable cup volumes?  With that mission in mind, I started working with one of the top bra designers in the UK – responsible for co-creating the game-changing Ultimo gel bra. I also attended the industry-leading Interfilière lingerie trade show in Paris and gained as much knowledge as I could about bra design, materials and new technologies.

The key was finding something to balance the absence of breast tissue weight on the smaller side and allow a bra fitted to your bigger breast to do its job properly by spreading the weight of your breasts more evenly across your shoulders and back. After lots of trials, research, and adjustments, the Evenly Bra Balancer was born. The name, Bra Balancer™, was very purposeful. It is the bra that needs fixing, not you.

Who is your target audience?

Evenly Bra Balancers™ are for all those with uneven breasts, no matter what the cause. Breast asymmetry, where there is a noticeable difference in the size of the breasts, affects up to 90% of women. Multiple studies have shown the damaging effects this can have on a woman’s self-esteem, mental health, physical comfort and quality of life and researchers repeatedly stress that this is more than just a cosmetic issue. Evenly’s silicone breast forms offer a non-surgical, affordable and natural-looking solution.

Evenly, based in Dorset in the UK, is successfully educating, supporting and inspiring those with breast asymmetry to embrace their uniqueness and gain comfort and confidence through our products and community. The founder and business have been recgonized and supported through a number of successful grants and awards including the Innovate UK Women in Innovation Award in 2021.

"Our mission is to provide effective and innovative non-surgical solutions to the challenges of breast asymmetry, no matter what the cause."

How does Evenly promote size and chest inclusivity?

We’re for everyone with an uneveness of chest size, no matter what the cause. There are many times in someone’s life when their chest may become uneven as shown on this timeline, and we’re here to support anyone at any stage.

We aim to be as size inclusive as possible by offering 3 different products for 3 differing levels of asymmetry (up to one cup size – Subtle Shapers, between one to two cup sizes, and between 2-3 cup sizes – Bra Balancers). Within each product range there are multiple sizes to choose from that fit up to a UK bra size of 44D or 28K cup (and all the sister sizes inbetween). The products are also clear and colorless making them suitable for all skin tones.

What key features were essential in designing Evenly products?

Soft and fluid-like like real breast tissue, so they move and feel like real breast tissue – we get women telling us their husbands can’t tell the difference!

They have weight to them to counteract the weight imbalance and allow the bra to evenly distribute the weight of the chest more evenly, preventing posture issues and back, neck and shoulder pains.

Natural projection and shape to give a smooth, natural outward breast appearance.

Waterproof so can be worn swimming in fresh, salt or chlorine water.

Can be worn either with or without a pocket in the bra cup. The smaller breast anchors the concave shape of the Bra Balancer or Subtle Shaper in place so it doesn’t move around or slip out.

evenly subtle shaper infographic

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How did you hear about AnaOno and how can Evenly products benefit our AnaOno Community?

I first discovered AnaOno before setting up Evenly when I was researching what solutions for breast asymmetry already exist on the market and I discovered the wonderful foobs! Although these are fantastic to offer a lightweight alternative to a full prosthesis following mastectomy, I knew there would still be people seeking something with more weight and also varying levels of fullness to accommodate all the other instances of asymmetry so I got to work on our Evenly product range of Subtle Shapers and Bra Balancers. I remained a huge fan and follower of the AnaOno brand and was thrilled when I was introduced to Dana through the wonderful Kimmay of Hurray Kimmay! who could see the amazing potential in our partnership.

How do Evenly products benefit those with asymmetric breasts?

Evenly Bra Balancers™ and Subtle Shapers™ are a type of silicone breast form, however they’re designed to suit a range of cup size differences and are not as thick and full as their more traditional counterparts. The colourless silicone means they’re suitable for a range of skin tones and they can be worn in a normal non-pocketed bra. Not only do they provide a smooth, symmetrical appearance but the weight of the silicone also helps to balance the missing weight of breast tissue on a woman’s smaller side allowing her bra to hold and distribute the weight of her breasts more evenly, alleviating discomfort.

Did you anticipate the broad impact of your products helping those in the breast cancer community?

When I first launched Evenly, I had only really considered that my products may help those who have natural breast asymmetries like myself who were tired of having to make do with cheap and unsuitable ‘chicken cutlet’ type inserts which only lift the breast and therefore give lopsided cleavage. I didn’t expect the products to be as popular as they have been for those who have had breast cancer as I had naively assumed that post-reconstruction, survivors wouldn’t need to cope with the challenges of asymmetry as they would be left symmetrical – which so many are not. Also so many survivors chose not to have reconstruction but would still like to restore balance. I also had never heard of conditions like Poland Syndrome, where someone can be born with underdeveloped chest muscles on one side of their body which then affects their breast growth on that side. Through launching Evenly I have been able to help many of those who struggle with this condition and have forged strong links with the Poland Syndrome charity PIP-UK to help them in raising awareness of this condition. Another unexpected community we have been able to support is the trans community, many of whom love our products, worn on both sides to give a natural feeling and looking breast shape.

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Dana Donofree
Dana Donofree

Founder and CEO of AnaOno. After a diagnosis of breast cancer in her late 20’s, Dana took her own lived experience and fashion design background and (re)designed intimates for those that have undergone breast surgery. Dana’s story has been published around the world in outlets like New York Times, BBC, Huffington Post, The Today Show, and more.