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    No.83: 20 Best Boob Memes for Every Breast Size

    20 Best Boob Memes for Every Breast Size 

    Whether you’re an A cup, a D cup, or any other size, we can all relate to (and giggle at) boob memes. Read on to discover our favorite boob memes for every breast size. 

    20 boob memes that made us laugh 

    1. When you want to work out but remember you have big boobs

      This one is for all our big breasted friends. How can we be expected to break a sweat when God gave us these big boobs? It’s impossible!

      "You don't know struggle until you try to run with big boobs"

      2. When you find hidden treasure in your boobs

      How many times have you laid in bed watching your favorite chick flick, just to spill half your popcorn down your shirt? Honestly, who needs a bowl when your boobs can hold all your snacks?




      creator: Bonnie Atkinson
      source: pinterest

      3. # Things only those with breast cancer can say to their partners about their F(oo)Bs

      Tattooed breasts

      Source: @DaynaDono

      4. When your boobs pop out of your pajamas

      If you’re waking up wondering how your tank top turned into a belly wrap, this meme is for you. What’s the point in wearing pajama tops if they don’t fit?

      Big boob problems is going to bed in a tanktop and waking up with your boob hanging out


      5. That feeling when someone elbows your boob

      Ouch! Why don’t you just take a Razor scooter to my ankle next time? It might hurt less.


      Meme "when someone elbows your boob by accident"



      6. When it’s impossible to take off your sports bra

      Sports bras do a great job of keeping the girls in, but getting them out is a whole new obstacle. Just try taking off a sports bra and you’ve already burned your daily calories. Talk about a vigorous workout! (And if you’re looking for a new and improved take on the sports bra,  our sports bra line is worth a look.)


      Things that are hard to get out of are work, jury duty and sports bras



      7. When your boobs are the first to go when you lose weight

      It’s kind of rude that our bodies gave up on our boobs. All we wanted was to build some muscle – why did our boobs disappear when that happened?


      "When you start to lose weight and your boobs get smaller"



      8. When you grow boobs overnight

      Surprise! Puberty hit you (or your daughter, or your niece) like a bus and now you have to buy five more bras since none of yours fit anymore. Who can relate?


      How does someone go from an A to a D? "Happened to be in eight grade"



      9. When you wonder when your boobs are going to come in

      OK, it was fine when you were 12, but now at 27? Come on!

      When am I going to get big boobs?



      10. When your small boobs simplify your life

      Cute bras? No sweat? Being a pancake sounds pretty ideal, TBH.


      Tweet from girl code


      11. When you only get one bra option to choose from

      Can someone tell us why big boobs don’t get all the sexy colors? (At least AnaOno bras are available in our full size range, in every color and style!)


      Two types of shopping trips, boobs and big boobs



      12. When your small boobs don’t brace you for impact

      At least we have an excuse forreally feeling that broken heart.


      Tweet from King Ushbal


      13. When you love a bra way too much

      We all know it…the comfy bra.There’s that one bra in your closet that fits you perfectly and doesn’t feel like a suffocating cage when you put it on. No wonder it’s the go-to for a full 30 days.

      Tweet from Augusta Falletta


      14. When you just got plastic surgery

      It takes some adjusting when you go from Bs to Ds. Maybe sit still for a while before you break everything in your kitchen.





      15. When your favorite bra is ruined

      It’s that end-of-the-world feeling when your favorite bra busts – and quite literally, especially if you have underwire.


      when your favorite bra tries to stab you


      creator: wojash

      16. When no one can tell if you have a bra on

      All the small chested people out there, this one’s for you. It’s the absolute best feeling when you can walk around in public and no one knows that you don’t have a bra on.


      pros of little boobs is you don't have to wear a bra all the time



      17. When you can’t jump because your boobs are too big

      Your first born just scored the winning touchdown at their first varsity game. You would show your excitement, but then you might pop out a boob to the crowd. Maybe you should opt for screaming and clapping instead.





      18. When your boobs are so small that your date can remember your eye color

      Was your date super attentive, or were they simplynot looking somewhere else?



      19. When you bend over in a loose shirt 

      If your shirt doesn’t quite cover your cleavage, this meme is for you. Who allowed the shirt to be this loose in the first place?


      Meme "everytime I bend over i gasp"


      source: pinterest

      20. When bras are too expensive

      We didn’t ask to wear a bra in the first place. Remember – at least for some of us – the boobs came free. Thankfully, we at AnaOno offer interest-free payments on every bra, so you can get your bras today and pay them off in four equal installments.

      Dana Donofree

      Dana Donofree

      Founder and CEO of AnaOno. After a diagnosis of breast cancer in her late 20’s, Dana took her own lived experience and fashion design background and (re)designed intimates for those that have undergone breast surgery. Dana’s story has been published around the world in outlets like New York Times, BBC, Huffington Post, The Today Show, and more.