Types of underwear
8 Types of Underwear for Women You Should Know

8 Types of Underwear for Women You Should Know

Dana Donofree
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Types of Underwear for Women

8 types of underwear for women

Hey, you! Chances are that your underwear drawer requires a refresh being that you’ve clicked on this article. Fret not, as we are here and ready to showcase our favorite kinds of underwear, what clothing item to wear with each, as well as some fun facts about these bootylicious undergarments. 

Whether you’re looking to leave little to the imagination while wearing your underwear or wanting complete coverage for your cheeks, check out  AnaOno’s guide to the best types of underwear for women below! 

What are the different types of ladies underwear?

There are eight main types of ladies underwear:

  1. Thong
  2. G-String
  3. Boy Short
  4. Hipster
  5. Cheeky
  6. High-Waisted
  7. Bikini 
  8. Tanga

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1. Thongs

Best to wear: Tight clothing, like leggings or any other form fitting garment that hugs your curves. 

You can truly never have too many thong-tha-thong-thong-thongs! Thongs sit between both cheeks and offer limited coverage but work wonders for those pesky panty lines.

The first people to wear thongs weren't worried about underwear lines, however. Thongs are actually pretty ancient, and it's believed to have been worn in Africa as early as  42,000 BCE and even earlier in other places around the globe. Thongs were worn primarily by men, but then in 1939, the female-friendly version came to the forefront of fashion history at the World's Fair. The mayor of New York ordered burlesque dancers to cover up at the fair; thus, performers wore thongs. 

Dancers primarily wore thongs only until the 1970s, when designer Rudi Gernreich invented the thong bikini. This swimwear became especially popular in South America. Thongs later made headlines in 1998 when news broke of Monica Lewinsky's affair with Bill Clinton when a report came out that said, "in the course of flirting with him [Clinton], she raised her jacket in the back and showed him the straps of her thong underwear, which extended above her pants."

Society primarily saw thongs as taboo and scanty. Then, as it became clear that they were a hot commodity and everybody wanted to give them a go, retailers worked on selling them as a fashion necessity vs. a sexy faux pas. 

2. G-Strings

Best to wear: Similar to thongs - form-fitting clothing, such as leggings and tight dresses.

Say goodbye to panty-lines with the help of a fabulous g-string. This type of underwear has women baring it all, leaving little up to the imagination. Wearing a g-string to some feels like going commando, while others refer to it as “butt floss.”

G-strings became especially popular towards the end of the 1960s as women started to show off more and embrace the g-strings' provocative nature.

3. Boy Shorts

Best to wear: When you want to be cozy.

Boy short underwear is a must-have garment in your panty drawer. You can spice up a pair by getting some with embroidered lace or get a super comfy compression pair that sucks you in in all the right places. They offer full coverage while staying far away from the granny panty realm.

4. Hipster

Best to wear: Hipster underwear is low cut enough for low-rise jeans and skirts. You can wear this type of underwear with any type of outfit! 

Hipster underwear sits right at your hips (as the name suggests) and are becoming more and more popular. It provides women ultimate coverage without compromising on style. It is a combination of both cheeky and high-waisted underwear the best of both worlds, if you will. It is incredibly flattering on any figure. 


Jeanine High Waisted Hipster

5. Cheeky

    Best to wear: Wear cheeky underwear when you feel like showing off that booty wear it when you want to feel sexy! 

    Show off your booty in a pair of fun and flirty cheeky underwear! Cheeky underwear flatters all booty types, whether you’ve got junk in the trunk or not. Featuring medium coverage, it is the perfect amount of sassy and sweet. Cheeky underwear pairs well with jeans or any clothing that isn’t tight and shows seams! Cheeky underwear is the perfect happy medium between a thong or g-string and underwear that provides full coverage, like boy shorts or hipster underwear. 

    6. High-Waisted

    Best to wear: Wear your high-waisted underwear with high-rise jeans or shorts! 

    High-waisted is making a comeback in almost every type of garment. From swimwear to jeans and now to underwear, women are embracing high-waisted looks in every way.

    High-waisted underwear sits at your navel or above depending on how high you pull them up and offer full booty coverage. You can spice them up with some fun patterns or lace and get some that offer shape control, as well. High-waisted underwear is stretchy and comfortable. They’re perfect for lounging in any other high-waisted garment, like jeans, skirts, or sweatpants. 

    High-waisted pants came to be in the 1940s, primarily as a way for women to better cover-up when they were working labor jobs. In the 1970s, however, women started to rock high-waisted jeans as a fashion statement rather than in an attempt to be modest, and this trend took off again in 2015. It only made sense that our undergarments followed suit! 

    Beth Brief from AnaOno


    7. Bikini

    Best to wear: Bikini underwear is great for just about any outfit, as panty lines are discreet being that it doesn't have a wide side length or additional fabric. Pair it with just about anything, including high and low-rise jeans, shorts, and skirts.

    Bikini underwear sits right below the waist and offer less coverage than tanga or hipsters. It is comfortable and versatile. It shows your entire abdomen and just the right amount of cheek, with little to medium coverage. 


    Marianne Brief


    8. Tanga

    Best to wear: Wear tanga underwear when you want to feel sexy and still have some coverage! 

    If a bikini and thong got together, they’d have a tanga baby. Make your booty happy with tanga underwear, providing women medium-coverage. We love a good pair of tanga underwear with a sexy lace back featuring soft elastic that doesn’t hug your booty or waist too tightly. 

    Looking for even more fashion tips and tricks? Be sure to check out these articles we’ve rounded up below for your reading (and shopping) pleasure. Enjoy! 

    Dana Donofree
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