before and after breast lift
Breast Lift Before and After Photos & Tips

Breast Lift Before and After Photos & Tips

Dana Donofree
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Breast Lift Before and After

Are your boobs beginning to lose their lift, or perhaps you’ve had some weight gain or loss that influenced their shape? You may want to consider a breast lift if you find yourself missing the perkiness your younger self used to have.

If you’re seriously considering this procedure, checking out some breast lift before and after photos can give you an idea of what to expect. Read on to discover our best tips for a safe procedure, a speedy recovery, and some photos that give you an idea of what your results could look like.

What Is A Breast Lift?

Also called a mastopexy, a breast lift is a surgical procedure that changes the shape of your breast by removing excess skin and tightening loose tissue. This may also involve moving your nipple higher up on your breast. 

There are  several types of breasts lifts, including:

  • Crescent lift:  This type of procedure is best if you have minimal sagging. The incision runs halfway around your areola, resulting in less scarring.
  • Peri-areolar lift:  This procedure makes a donut-shaped incision running around the edge of your areola. The peri-areolar lift is generally performed on those who have mild sagging or want to reduce their nipple size.
  • Vertical lift:  The vertical lift incision looks like a lollipop, with the round incision around your areola and the other a vertical line from the areola to the  inframammary fold. This type of procedure is very common because it allows the surgeon to take out excess skin while reshaping your breast.
  • Inverted T lift:  Also known as the anchor lift, this procedure involves three incisions and could result in some scarring. If you have a significant amount of sagging and excess tissue, this procedure may be the right one for you. 

Breast Lift Surgery

Does A Breast Lift Reduce Cup Size? 

For most individuals, a breast lift will reduce your bra size by one cup. However, this is mainly due to removing excess skin and repositioning your breast, which will make your breasts appear a bit smaller overall.

How To Prepare For A Breast Lift 

Before your breast lift, there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for what’s to come. Here’s a general list of how to get ready for your procedure:

  • Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medications.  Aspirin or herbal supplements can increase bleeding during the surgery, so your surgeon will likely instruct you to stop taking these medications beforehand.
  • Get a mammogram.  It’s generally a good idea to get a mammogram before and after your surgery. That’s because your medical team may want to check for any signs of cancer, even if you have no family history or recently had a mammogram.
  • Practice sleeping on your back.  It may sound easy, but for side and stomach sleepers, moving to your back can be quite uncomfortable. When you’re recovering, you’re most likely to sleep on your back or even sitting up. It’s better to practice now so you can get a good night's rest after the surgery.
  • Run errands and fill prescriptions ahead of time.  It’s generally better to think ahead, especially when you’re preparing to recover from surgery. Stock up on your postoperative meds so you can have them ready after surgery, as well as any supplies that may help you during recovery, such as accessible clothing.
  • Find a driver.  Call your friends, family, or significant other and ask them to drive you to and from the hospital on the day of your surgery. Not only will you be out of it after the procedure, but your surgical center may require that you have a ride.
  • Don’t be scared to ask questions.  If you’re unsure of anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to your surgeon or a member of their team. It’s better that you go into your procedure with full confidence and knowledge than to guess or feel left in the dark!

Tips For Recovering After A Breast Lift

We won’t sugarcoat it -- recovery is tough, so here are a few tips to make it a little easier for you post-op.

  • Listen to your surgeon.  Follow your medical team’s instructions to a T, such as when to take medications, to sleep on your back, and to wear supportive bras. The closer you follow instructions, the faster you’ll recover.
  • Go to follow-up appointments.  These visits with your medical team are key to your recovery process. During these appointments, your doctor will ensure that healing is moving forward as intended and spot potential complications before they get worse. They’ll also remove sutures and help you change bandages.
  • Take care of yourself.  Proper nutrients and good habits are the bedrock for proper healing. Make sure you’re eating right and getting plenty of sleep -- or at least as much sleep as you can -- after your surgery.
  • Take care of your incisions.  Regular care of your surgical sites will help minimize the possibility of infection. Make sure to clean your incisions according to instructions and check them for signs of infection while changing your bandages.
  • Do light exercise.  When I say light, I don’t mean go and run a few miles or lift. You want to get blood circulating and reduce swelling, not prep to pull a monster truck. A gentle exercise like a short walk or yoga is the best workout for you to do for the weeks following your surgery. 

Can I Go Without A Bra After A Breast Lift?

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t go without a bra for several weeks after your surgery. Your surgeon will instruct you to wear a supportive bra to ensure proper healing. But no regular bra would do -- you need a bra specific for surgery recovery. Look for a recovery bra with no underwire, super-soft fabric, and full coverage support.

At AnaOno, our  Rora and  Monica bras are excellent for breast surgery recovery. These bras are soft, adjustable, and comfortable. Plus, they’re easy to put on and take off. Trust us, that’s key because you’ll be sore after surgery, making reaching around and hooking your bra a distant dream.

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Breast Lift Before And After

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How To Find The Perfect Fit With AnaOno

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Dana Donofree
Dana Donofree

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