Cooling Mastectomy Bra For Hot Flashes

September 15, 2019

Cooling Mastectomy Bra For Hot Flashes

We’re pretty sure we can all agree there is nothing WORSE than having to wear a hot, sweaty, itchy uncomfortable bra for hours and hours while experiencing chemo-induced hot flashes, while healing from multiple breast surgeries and harsh cancer treatments. We have been through hell and back, and deserve the comfort, dammit! 

Where do you turn when it feels like your foobs are melting into a hot sweaty mess? Keep reading for our top hot flash bra picks that are sure to keep you and your foobs cool, calm and collected. 

Mastectomy Bra Sizing Matters 

Before you commit to clicking the ‘add to cart’ button while online shopping, make sure you know what size you are. That may sound like a no-brainer, but there is nothing more uncomfortable than wearing the wrong size bra while coping with hot flashes. Can you say foob sweat? 

Determining your size can be tricky enough before a mastectomy, and after breast surgery, it can be even more confusing. Luckily, we’ve taken the guesswork out of finding out what size will best suit you and your new body. We know how overwhelming it can be to find a bra after breast surgery--that's why we do what we do here at AnaOno. By shopping with us, you are shopping with a team dedicated to helping you feel your most comfortable, and a supportive community of previvors, survivors and thrivers who have had every kind of breast surgery and treatment plan. So whether you’ve had a mastectomy, reconstruction, radiation, lumpectomy, or FLAP surgery, we will help you find the perfect size that will fit and feel comfortable. To get started and find your perfect fit, you can take our AnaOno Fit Quiz! 


Our official AnaOno size charts! Find your perfect size here. 

Most Breathable Bra Fabric Ever

After you’ve found your perfect size, it’s time to choose your hot-flash-friendly style. Wondering what the secret to the perfect cooling bra is? The secret is in the fabric. While cotton may be a time-honored classic, it is just no match for modal. 

Silky smooth, absorbent and beyond breathable, this fabric makes the ideal foundation for a cooling warm-weather bra. This material is cool to the touch, moisture-wicking, and 50% more absorbent than cotton! Long story short: modal allows your foobs to breathe. After all, you don't want your most sensitive areas all hot and sweaty. Both stretchy and soft, modal will support your foobs without irritating surgery-sensitive skin and scars. 


Soothe your foobs with modal, the softest post-mastectomy material on the market. 

Bras That Keep You Cool After Breast Surgery 

Check out our go-to hot flash bras (all made of modal, of course!):

The Leslie is classic, simple and sporty. Easy to step in and out of while healing from surgery or if you just don’t feel like lifting your arms above your head. Perfect for both workouts and rest days, this bra is designed with sporty mesh cut outs that provide an added layer of breathability. Although this bra is pocketed and perfect for all reconstruction types, it is also our go-to pick for our fabulous flatties out there. 

The Monica is a full-coverage design offers more modesty and comfort for any thriver or survivor who is unilateral with reconstruction or not. The full-coverage modal style offers additional support, and is oh-so-soothing against radiation-treated skin. 

The Molly is your new favorite bra to wear under your lower cut v-neck tops and dresses. Playful and sexy, this super soft wirefree bra will keep you and your foobs cool and comfortable all day long. Have reconstructed foobs? Show them off in this new modal classic. 

The Front Closure is our award-winning go-to BFF. Tried and true, this style is perfect for post-surgical recovery. It will keep you cool whether you’re healing in bed at home, or wearing it under a t-shirt once you’re all healed up and better.  

No matter what kind of surgery you’ve had or what kind of treatment you are undergoing there is an AnaOno bra that will keep you cool and comfortable while you’re having hot flashes and beyond. 


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