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    No.223: How to Choose a Post Op Breast Augmentation Bra

    How to Choose a Post Op Breast Augmentation Bra

    The days and weeks following a breast augmentation are a whirlwind of emotions. You’re in pain, yet you’re anxious and excited to get your bandages off to check out the (re)newed you! After a breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction, the way you shop for bras will change. You will no longer be able to wear traditional underwire bras, but you aren’t limited to only sports bras. You deserve to feel comfortable and supported while you heal. Read on to see the benefits to a post op bra and get advice for choosing the correct post op breast augmentation bra for you.

    How Long Do You Wear a Surgical Bra After Breast Augmentation

    The answer to this question differs for everyone as everyone heals at different paces. In most cases, a surgical bra will be worn for two weeks following your breast augmentation procedure. 

    However, every patient is unique, so be sure to follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions when deciding whether it’s time to make the switch from your surgical bra into a new bra post breast augmentation. Your surgeon understands your surgery, your anatomy, and your recovery and is in the best position for making this decision.

    What’s the Best Bra to Wear After A Breast Augmentation

    After you get the Okay from your plastic surgeon, it’s time to shop for bras that accentuate your new figure! That’s where we come in. Your doctor or surgeon likely told you to find a sports bra to wear during your recovery; however, most sports bras are put on overhead, which means you’ll need to lift your arms. 

    The thing they don’t mention… you won’t be able to lift your arms without pain for a few weeks following your surgery, so how are you going to get your sports bra on and off painlessly? Cue AnaOno. Our bras are designed specifically for those who have undergone breast augmentation surgeries to help ease discomfort during your recovery. Check out our top three picks for bras to wear during your recovery and be on the lookout for bras with these features: 

    1. Choose a bra that’s wireless.
    2. Find one with adjustable straps.
    3. Lightweight, breathable fabric will be your friend. 
    4. Look for light compression to help reduce swelling.
    5. Front closure or step-in bras make for easier dressing.

    The Best Front Closure Bra for Breast Augmentations 

    The  Rora Front Closure Bra is our best-selling style for so many reasons. This bra will be your best friend immediately after surgery. Being as comfortable as possible after surgery is the number one priority. Your mobility may not be at its best, so a bra with a front closure is recommended for easy post-op dressing and comfortability. You’ll want a front closure post augmentation bra with super plush material that is soft to the touch yet also functional for your post-surgical needs.

    1. Its front closure hook & eye design allows you to get dressed without putting your hands over your head. 
    2. The front closure offers three rows of hooks to customize your fit. As you heal, your cup size may appear to change due to swelling, so this feature will offer you the most support depending on your daily swelling. 
    3. It’s crafted with softer-than-cotton modal material that won’t irritate any incision sites or stitches during your first days of recovery. 
    4. As with all our bras, it’s wireless. Oftentimes, those who undergo breast augmentations aren’t aware that they cannot wear underwire bras immediately after surgery.
    5. It offers light compression that’s needed to help reduce swelling as your breast implants heal. 

    woman in dusty rose front closure bra

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    The Best Sports Bra for Breast Augmentations

    Wearing a sports bra after your breast augmentation may seem like the best place to start, but traditional sports bras offer too much compression for breast implants. Breast implants don’t compress in the same way that breast tissue does, so typical sports bras may cause unnecessary pain or restriction that is counterproductive to your healing process. The  Bianca Sports Bra is the perfect mix of fit and functionality after you’ve healed for a few weeks. Here’s why it works: 

    1. The  Bianca Bra is one of our most supportive styles and offers the most compression.
    2. Its adjustable straps and front-closure allow you to adjust the fit as swelling goes down. 
    3. It features a mesh back that will keep you cool and comfortable throughout your recovery. 
    4. It can be worn well after your recovery to exercise in (after your doctor clears you, of course).

    Bianca Front Closure bra

    Shop Bianca Front Closure Sports Bra

    The Best Sleep Bra for Breast Augmentations

    It can be hard to dress during recovery. The  Leslie Bra has enough to stretch for you to easily pull on or even step into. While offering light support, this bra also has adjustable straps that can be converted to a cross-back or traditional style to provide you the customization and comfort you deserve. 

    1. The  Leslie Bra is lightweight and wireless.
    2. It features mesh panels to keep you cool as you heal. 
    3. It’s a light support option that’s perfect for sleeping in - yes, you’ll need to wear a bra to sleep during your recovery phase. 
    4. It’s made from ultra-soft modal material to keep you cool and comfortable day through night. 

    woman in black leslie sleep bra

    Shop Leslie Soft Leisure Bra

    With these three bras on-hand after your surgery, you’ll be able to heal in comfort and style. Check out our entire collection of bras made for post op breast augmentations.

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    Dana Donofree

    Dana Donofree

    Founder and CEO of AnaOno. After a diagnosis of breast cancer in her late 20’s, Dana took her own lived experience and fashion design background and (re)designed intimates for those that have undergone breast surgery. Dana’s story has been published around the world in outlets like New York Times, BBC, Huffington Post, The Today Show, and more.