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    No.174: How To Get Rid Of Bra Back Fat

    How To Get Rid Of Bra Back Fat

    Your friend's wedding is coming up soon and you know the dress you tried on a year ago is just a little bit too tight. That gorgeous dress -- a little form fitting and blush pink to boot -- means that there’s really no way tonot showcase your back. And if you want to tone up your back muscles for that big reveal, there are exercises you can do and dressing tips you can try out to help get rid of bra back fat. 

    What Causes Bra Back Fat?

    While bras can do amazing things for our boobs in the front, they don’t always create that kind of magic in the back. An ill-fitting bra can not only cause marks and irritation to your skin, but it can cut into you, creating that “back fat” look. This is why it’s necessary to find a bra that fits correctly: Not only will that help prevent the lumpy, bumpy look, but also so you can move comfortably throughout the day. 

    If you’re confident your bra’s fitting right or(and if you have questions, check the AnaOno Fit Guide), the issue may be a lack of definition. Your lateral muscles across your back, also known as your lats, lay right around the area of your bra strap, so working to tighten that muscle, your shoulders, and surrounding muscles in your back can go a long way.

    10 Exercises That Target Back Fat 

    Many of these exercises can be done easily at home with equipment you already have, or even just your body. Peruse through these 10 options, learn more about how they work, and how to give them a try.

    1. Pull Ups

    • Why this exercise is helpful:  Pull-ups literally put every back muscle to work. mainly your lats which lie underneath your bra strap. Strengthening this muscle can significantly shift your back’s appearance.
    • How to perform it:  Either at the gym or using at-home workout equipment, approach the bar. Place your hands on the bar with your arms shoulder-width apart. Then, pull yourself up by bending your elbows. Try to pull your chin over the bar, but any amount you can lift yourself is good! Repeat to your ability.

    2. Lat Pulldowns

    • Why this exercise is helpful:  This exercise also targets the lats, but specifically focuses on this huge back muscle, instead of tiring out other muscles as well. This exercise not only helps strengthen you, working your back like this also helps with posture and can even help with back pain.
    • How to perform it:  This exercise requires using the right equipment at a gym or home gym equipment like a lat machine. If you don’t have access to a lat machine, you can still do this mimic this exercise at home with weights.

    Before starting, adjust change the weights to the right settings for your abilities. When seated on the machine, back toward the weights, reach above you and widely grip the bar with your knuckles toward the ceiling and palms facing away from you. Pull down the bar slowly, and slowly return to the starting position. Do the same with the hand weights if you’re performing this exercise without a lat machine. Repeat to your ability.

    The key to completing this exercise correctly is to try to keep your upper torso stationary while performing the movements. And don’t forget to engage your abs with each movement!

    3. Superman

    • Why this exercise is helpful:  Not only does this exercise target your lower back muscles, but it also hits your glutes, hamstrings, abs, and shoulders. This specific exercise also helps support your spine and helps with posture, and bad posture can contribute to back fat’s appearance.
    • How to perform it:  This exercise requires no equipment! Start by lying down on your stomach with your legs and arms extended. Slowly lift both your legs and arms a few inches inches off the ground until you feel your back contracted. You can either hold this position for 30 seconds or go back to the starting position and repeat the move to your ability. One thing to remember is to keep your head facing forward like you’re flying during this exercise: There’s a reason they call it the Superman move!

    4.Lateral Raises

    • Why this exercise is helpful:  This exercise specifically strengthens, tones, and stabilizes your upper body. This specific workout focuses on the smaller muscles in your back such as your deltoids, trapezius, and rhomboids.
    • How to perform it:  Start by grabbing two dumbbells and placing one in each hand. You want to keep your feet hip-width apart and have a slight bend in your knees and elbows. Slowly lift the dumbbells to the sides until they reach about shoulder height. Lower the dumbbells back down to your sides and repeat.

    5. Upright Rows

    • Why this exercise is helpful:  This workout is great for the shoulders and traps, which can help uplift your side boob. This workout can also help improve posture and strengthen your body for everyday pulling movements like opening doors.
    • How to perform it:  You can use a barbell, dumbbell, cable machine, or kettlebells to complete this exercise. First, face forward with your feet shoulder-width apart, and hold the barbell with your arms extended. Then begin to lift the barbell, focusing on keeping it as close to you as possible. Stop when the barbell reaches chest level, and your elbows are in line with your shoulders. Pause for a few seconds then bring the barbell back down at the starting position. Repeat.

    6. Hip Dips

    • Why this exercise is helpful:  Essentially, this exercise is a modified plank that engages your abs and back at the same time. Talk about an effective workout!
    • How to perform it:  Start in a low plank position, meaning elbows bent and your feet hip-width apart. Then slowly tip your hips from one side to the other with your hips nearly touching the floor. The key to mastering this exercise is to not rock your entire body as you move your hips. You want to keep your core engaged and your body facing forward.

    7. Pushups

    • Why this exercise is helpful:  This classic move is great for your breasts because it strengthens your pectoral muscles. This can boost boob fullness and lift while simultaneously tightening your back muscles. This exercise doesn’t only strengthen your muscles, it also canhelp strengthen your joints, and it’s great for cardiovascular health.
    • How to perform it:  Start by getting into a high plank position, keeping your arms straight and elbows slightly bent. You want to maintain a flat back during this exercise to keep your core engaged. Begin to lower yourself until your elbows are at a roughly 90 degree angle. Push yourself back into starting position and repeat to your ability. Modified versions of this exercise include placing your knees on the ground to stabilize your body, or doingpushups against a wall.

    8. Rows

    • Why this exercise is helpful:  Rows are perfect for building upper body strength. It makes your muscles stronger and contributes to a more toned back overall.
    • How to perform it:  This exercise can be performed with dumbbells, a cable machine, or a barbell. To start, keep your back straight and extend your arms in front of you. Bring your elbows close to your sides and begin to pull the weight toward your stomach while squeezing your shoulder blades. Then, return to the starting position. Repeat to your ability.

    9. Kettlebell Swings

    • Why this exercise is helpful:  Kettlebell swings are considered acompound lift because it works multiple muscle groups at the same time. This is a great way to build muscle mass, protect your joints, and increase your heart rate without having to sprint miles.
    • How to perform it:  Start by having your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart and face forward, kettlebell in hand. Go with a lower weight at first and work your way up as you get more comfortable with the exercise. Then lower the kettlebell between your legs and in a swift movement, lift the kettlebell to chest level. The goal is to keep your arms straight, avoid slouching, and pop out your hips. This might require you to practice a few times with a lower weight until you get the hang of it.

    10. Side Planks

    • Why this exercise is helpful:  Side planks work hard to strengthen your core, including your hips. While this doesn’t directly relate to your back, strengthening muscle groups around your back can help as you work for improved tone.
    • How to perform it:  Lie on your side with your elbow under your shoulder and your forearm facing away from you. Make sure your legs are straight and your feet are stacked up on top of one another. Lift up off the floor so only your elbow and foot are touching the floor. Keep your core tight, head facing forward, and body in a straight line. Hold this position for as long as you can, then repeat to your ability. 

    As always, speak with your doctor before embarking on an exercise routine. Keep in mind, too, that different bodies have different needs, and the right exercises, intensities, and routines for you may be different for someone else. For more specific information, reach out to an exercise professional who can help guide you through these movements.

    How To Dress To Smooth Back Fat

    If exercise simply isn’t doing it for you, there are always clothes to help smooth over your back, and the key here is to get bras and clothing that fit your body right in the first place. Remember: you don’t fit the clothes, the clothes fityou.

    First and foremost, it’s best to avoid wearing bras or any type of clothing that digs into your body. A full coverage bra like  our Monica Full Coverage Bra can help with that. Not only will a style with more coverage smooth over back fat, but it’s also a great option for holding in your side boob and keeping you comfortable while looking your best. A  fitted camisole can also help smooth over back fat.

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    Importantly, you don’t want to be uncomfortable, whether that’s due to the clothing you’re wearing or if you’re constantly worried about adjusting or checking to make sure your outfit looks great. Simply put, wear the outfit that makesyou feel best.

    Shop AnaOno To Find The Best Undergarments For Your Body Type

    Looking and feeling your best begins at the foundation, whether that’s building muscle, wearing the right undergarments, or both. No matter which direction you take to minimize the back fat look, we’re here to celebrate your choices.

    At AnaOno, our bras are designed to work foryou and not the other way around. Contorting your body to fit into the wrong bra can not only be uncomfortable, but it flat out won’t look right. Our bras don’t do that: Each one is made with you in mind first and foremost, dressed to impress from the most base layer of clothing you wear each day.  Shop our full collection to find the right (literal and figurative) fit for you.

    Dana Donofree

    Dana Donofree

    Founder and CEO of AnaOno. After a diagnosis of breast cancer in her late 20’s, Dana took her own lived experience and fashion design background and (re)designed intimates for those that have undergone breast surgery. Dana’s story has been published around the world in outlets like New York Times, BBC, Huffington Post, The Today Show, and more.