Meet Bianca
Meet Bianca

Meet Bianca

Dana Donofree
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Meet community member, advocate and our very own social media queen Bianca! I'm sure you recognize Bianca from all of her amazing instagram and TikTok posts, or maybe from our website slaying the game in our product photos. Bianca has been a part of the Never Alone community for some time now and even has a bra named after her... the Bianca Front Closure Bra! Read along to learn more about Bianca's breast cancer story, her Never Alone experience and much more!  

Meet our social media manager, model and cancer survivor Bianca

What was your diagnosis?

"In 2006, when I was 11 years old I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. At age 22 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, then Lung Cancer at 26. I have a rare mutation called TP53 which makes me susceptible to many different types of cancers, not only related to the reproductive system."

Tell us a bit about your current stage of diagnosis.

"NED with High Surveilence."

What and when was your treatment/surgery?

"I had an ovary removed at 11 years old, along with chemo. I had a double mastectomy at 22 with chemo + implant reconstruction. I had a segmentectomy at 26 to have the tumor removed from my lung."

What's your passion?

"Creating music that heals."

What makes you happiest?

"Helping others."

What do you do to feel confident and embrace your body?

"I love lifting weights and getting stronger! It helps me feel like I can face whatever comes next. Besides that, when I'm feeling down, I love putting on some cute lingerie and taking pictures for myself to really see myself and reconnect with my body in its true form."

What does "Never Alone" mean to you?

"No one should have to go through cancer alone. Having a community that just "gets it" is life-changing. Don't be afraid to reach out for help, or just to connect. I am always here to talk to and I'm always happy to help in any way I can."

Bianca shares what Never Alone means to her

Which is your favorite AnaOno bra? Why?

"Well!! My first love is the Monica Bra! It's so incredibly soft and comfortable...and then I met the Susan with the beautiful lace details that makes me feel cute and sexy... and now the Trish Contour Molded Bra! Which is the bra I've been searching for since surgery! Honestly it's hard for me to pick just one so I'll go with three LOL!"

If you were to give advice to someone diagnosed with breast cancer or having a preventative surgery, what would you say?

"Don't let cancer stop you from living."

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

"I randomly start talking in a British accent for no apparent reason."

What's your guilty pleasure?

"I don't have any! Anything I choose to do, I enjoy without any guilt because there is no reason to feel guilty about something that brings me pleasure."
Meet Bianca, as she shares her journey through cancer and how she has continued to stay positive throughout it all
Dana Donofree
Dana Donofree

Founder and CEO of AnaOno. After a diagnosis of breast cancer in her late 20’s, Dana took her own lived experience and fashion design background and (re)designed intimates for those that have undergone breast surgery. Dana’s story has been published around the world in outlets like New York Times, BBC, Huffington Post, The Today Show, and more.