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    No.208: Side Set Boobs: What You Should Know About This Shape

    Side Set Boobs: What You Should Know About This Shape

    Side set boobs are breast shapes that tend to feel a bit more like the east and the west than something due north. Side set breasts can happen naturally or could be a result of breast reconstruction. There is often a larger gap between the breasts that expose more chest and/or ribcage if you have wide-set breasts. 

    Cup sizes can vary with this kind of shape. Side set boobs can even have something to do with your torso and the shape of your ribcage. Let’s not worry about where your nipples point; some are straightforward, some could be in different directions, and if reconstructed your guess could be as good as ours. Here at AnaOno, we celebrate boob-inclusivity, so no matter the shapes of your breasts, we want to be sure that you feel empowered to embrace them, love them, and even dress them. 

    How Do You Know If Your Boobs Are Side Set?

    You may have smaller breasts or larger breasts, you may think they are bell-shaped or flat. What really determines this, though, is not the breast tissue and how it is shaped, but where it is placed. Usually, side set breasts will have a wider center gap on the chest with fuller-shaped breast tissue and nipples that face forward. If you find yourself with side boob after breast reconstruction, but perfectly placed nipples, you may describe yourself as side set breasts.

    Are "East-West"-Breasts The Same Thing As Side-Set?

    Some believe that East-West shaped breasts is when the breasts gravitate to either side of the chest wall with nipples that generally point outwards. East to West breasts are often used to describe smaller breast tissue. This leaves a gap between the breasts and can make achieving the aesthetic cleavage-look a bit challenging. Side set breasts are like east-west breasts, where the breast tissue gravitates to the sides, however, side set breasts are generally larger and fuller with the nipples pointing to the front. 

    Ways You Can Uplift And Support Wide Set Boobs 

    1. Look For Plunging Necklines

    You may feel self-conscious about that gap between the breasts, but we say EMBRACE it. Lean into those plunging necklines and show off your beautiful decollete. It’s sexy! Need a bra to support those plunging necklines? Try our  Melissa Front Closure Bra. The plunging neckline and sexy back lace detail will have you supported under your clothing so you don’t have to worry about any nip slips!

    Melissa plunging front closure bra, front, up close and back view of the bra in dusty rose

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    2. Try Bras With Higher Cut Armholes

    This may feel counterintuitive, but this will give you the confidence that you have reined in those puppies and put them where they are supposed to be. We love our  Susan wrap front lace bralette, it has a sexy plunging neckline and high sides to help structure that wide set chest. 

    Three images of mastectomy model wearing the ivory lave susan bra

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    3. Wear A Full-Coverage T-Shirt Bra

    Looking for a t-shirt bra for those side set breasts? We highly recommend the  Molly Plunge Bra for its t-shirt bra fit and plunging neckline, as well as the  Monica Full Coverage Bra for fuller cup sizes. Both styles will give you that smooth appearance under a T-shirt, fit your wide set breasts perfectly, and not cause any discomfort for all day wear. 

    Three images of reconstruction model wearing the black molly plunge bra

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    4. Avoid Underwire

    Underwire can be ill-fitting and even uncomfortable for wider chests. It could cause you to look for underwire cup sizes that are much larger than what you actually are, which can then lead to gaping and bubbling in places that are less than ideal. Avoid the “bend over and scoop''-technique (you know what we’re talking about). Pushing the breasts into a shape or place that was unintended can leave you feeling uncomfortable. We recommend the  Gloria lace bralette. She is fun. She is flirty. She is sexy. And this bra will fit wide set chests beautifully. 

    Champagne Lace Gloria bra side view, front view and back view of the bra on model

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    5. Choose Padded Sports Bras

    Sports bras, although not needed for every occasion, can be a great way to find the support needed. This kind of bra will allow you to avoid the structure molded cups and restrictive underwire. Look for padded sports bras or sport bras with removable padding like our  Bianca Padded Front Closure Sports Bra. Ideal for side set breasts, this front closure sport bra has removable modesty pads and can support the “girls” even while working out. 

    Sand Bianca sports bra front view, up close view and back view of the bra on model

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    Wide Set Chests Are Quite Common

    Not all breasts are created and (re)created equal; actually, most aren’t. Striving for perfection is impossible, and we know that here at AnaOno where we embrace one breast, two breasts, no breasts, or new breasts in all our collections. Just because you may feel different doesn’t mean that you are, and we believe that Different is Beautiful in every way. We hope this empowers you to love your body and your chest no matter what the shape, direction, or size. Because all chests are beautiful in our eyes. 

    Dana Donofree

    Dana Donofree

    Founder and CEO of AnaOno. After a diagnosis of breast cancer in her late 20’s, Dana took her own lived experience and fashion design background and (re)designed intimates for those that have undergone breast surgery. Dana’s story has been published around the world in outlets like New York Times, BBC, Huffington Post, The Today Show, and more.