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Meet Trish Meet Trish


We used to say O-NO to molded cups, because of annoying gapping, bubbles where nipples used to be, and painful fit. But now, we say O-YES. Our new Trish molded cup bra is for sure going to be your new favorite bra of all time. The Trish bra features a shallow bust shape that accommodates for the missing apex. There's no painful underwires or no side boning with itchy elastic. This bra was designed for those who have undergone reconstruction and who want to be able to feel comfortable and confident within their own skin! Shop the Trish Bra today and you will for sure feel a whole new type of beautiful! While also learning all about our new Trish bra, we want to introduce you to the muse behind it all, Trish. Here at AnaOno we love to use our community members as our muse for what we design.

Meet Brooklyn Meet Brooklyn
Meet our Never Alone community member Brooklyn from New York! Brooklyn has been a part of the Never Alone community for a while now and now has joined us in modeling! You might recognize her from our new Trish molded bra launch. Brooklyn rocks the new Trish bra and loves the AnaOno community and brand! Let's give it up for Brooklyn!
Why Mindful Beauty Makes A Difference Why Mindful Beauty Makes A Difference
I sat down with Lori Bush, mother, wife, cancer survivor and co-founder of Solvasa to talk more about how cancer lead her to create Solvasa. Lori is an inspiration to all of us at AnaOno which is why I want to share her story with you, never give up because you are never alone.
Stories About Motherhood After Cancer Stories About Motherhood After Cancer

"Mother’s Day is a bittersweet topic in our community. 

Growing up, I always assumed I would have children. That’s just what everyone does when they get older, right? You get married and start a family.

However, right after college I had a rude awakening. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I immediately had a double mastectomy (taking away any chance I had of breast feeding) and then started chemo, which for a lot of cancer patients, causes us to become infertile. 

I never thought that in my 20’s I would face such a life altering experience.