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    No.17: The Perfect T Shirt Bra

    When it comes to daily wear essentials, few undergarments stack up to the ultra-versatile T-shirt bra. This comfy, casual mainstay is a favorite in the rotation because it tends to match the way you feel: relaxed and ready to chill. Think of it as your all-day-everyday, lounge-on-the-couch, and rock-on-casual-Friday bra.

    Here's the AnaOno guide to finding the perfect T-shirt bra for whatever's on the agenda, whether it be a long day of work, breast surgery recovery, or just lounging at home

    What is a T-Shirt Bra?

    T-shirt bras are comfortable bras designed specifically for wear beneath close-fitting tops, such as T-shirts. If you've ever rocked a non-T-shirt bra with your favorite tee, you may have noticed the appearance of dreaded cup lines. The cups of bras tend to curl outward, and ill-fitting bras may leave a gap between your breasts and the cup fabric, causing visible lines to show through. T-shirt bras have minimal seams and won't curl outward, creating an exceptionally smooth base for layering shirts and dresses.

    What should you look for in a T-shirt bra? As with any comfort-forward piece of apparel, it should be a unique combination of fit and feel. Look for super-soft materials, such as modal, and stretchy lace. An adjustable fit - adjustable straps, multiple back hooks, and various configuration options for the straps - will help ensure that you feel amazing in your bra no matter what. If lounging or sleeping are part of the plan, be sure to choose an underwire free option.

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    The Comfiest T-Shirt Bra Ever

    Your search for the perfect T-shirt bra stops here at AnaOno. Meet the soft and sporty Molly Pocketed Plunge Bra. This comfortable bra was uniquely made to be totally undetectable beneath your clothes. Between the low side coverage, minimal side seams, and smooth cups that won't curl, the Molly bra will never be seen (unless you want it to be seen, of course). It also has convertible straps that can be worn in a traditional, crisscross, or halter style to suit whatever you're wearing.

    One other thing that sets the Molly apart from the rest is the fact that it is constructed from softer-than-cotton modal. This breathable, stretchy, and luxurious fabric is the kind of material you could live in, making it the perfect choice for post-surgery recovery or daily lounging. The Molly also makes the perfect wire free T-shirt bra for those who are not keen on painful wires that dig into the skin and tend to leave a mark.

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    Finding Your Perfect Bra

    At AnaOno, we specialize in producing bras for mastectomy, lumpectomy, breast reconstruction, flap reconstruction, and any other breast surgery. That means that our primary focus is on comfort no matter what you're wearing or your stage of recovery. Our casual T-shirt bras are the perfect choice for healing and beyond.

    Dana Donofree

    Dana Donofree

    Founder and CEO of AnaOno. After a diagnosis of breast cancer in her late 20’s, Dana took her own lived experience and fashion design background and (re)designed intimates for those that have undergone breast surgery. Dana’s story has been published around the world in outlets like New York Times, BBC, Huffington Post, The Today Show, and more.