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    No.215: What Are Mom Bras, And When Do You Need To Wear Them?

    What Are Mom Bras, And When Do You Need To Wear Them?

    Mom bras: We’ve heard the term before, but what does it actually mean? Whether you’re planning on becoming pregnant, you’re carrying a little one, if you’re nursing, or you’re recovering after birth, you’re going to need to purchase a “mom bra.” Read on to discover what makes a mom bra and how to find the perfect one to fit your pregnancy, nursing, and postpartum needs. 

    What Is A Mom Bra?

    A mom bra is simply a bra that’s made for mamas either during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or after giving birth to support their breasts, which have likely changed size or shape. While these bras come in many different styles and sizes, they are all designed with convenient features to support a pregnant person’s needs.

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    The Different Types Of Mom Bras

    Generally, there are three different types of mom bras, which you may also see calledmaternity bras – pregnancy bras, nursing bras, and postpartum bras. Here’s the difference between them, and why you should have (at least) one of each for every stage of becoming a mom. 

    1. Pregnancy Bras

    Pregnancy bras are basically the more “advanced” version of a regular bra. They’re designed to look and feel similar to a normal bra, but have additional support for your growing, more sensitive breasts. A pregnancy bra usually consists of wider straps, extra hook-and-eye closures, some stretchy material or stretchy paneling, and a comfortable lining. These bras are made to be super comfortable to last you throughout your pregnancy. 

    2. Nursing Bras

    Once it’s almost due date time, you may want to consider purchasing a nursing bra. While a pregnancy or normal bra may be comfortable, it may be difficult to feed your child without having to take off your bra entirely – not exactly a practical solution! This is where nursing bras come into play. 

    Nursing bras make it easier to feed your baby because they make breastfeeding easy and accessible. Many fold down or otherwise expose your breast in the front to allow your child to easily access your nipple for feeding. Additionally, these bras are typically made using a lightweight, moisture-wicking, soft material so your breasts will continue to stay comfortable and dry, even after breastfeeding.

    3. Postpartum Bras

    When you begin looking for a postpartum bra, it may feel like you're finding your first bra all over again. Since pregnancy and having a child, it’s likely that your breasts won’t be the same size or shape as before. Postpartum bras can meet the unique needs you’ll experience postpartum, including size changes and sore boobs, among other surprises. 

    There are many types and styles of postpartum bras – which is great! However, there are a few key features you want to look out for. Postpartum bras have additional comfort features like thicker padded straps, more support paneling, comfortable material, and full coverage styles. Be on the lookout for sizing, too. It’s normal that you won’t fit into the same bra as before, so don’t be surprised if your new bra is larger than what you wore before pregnancy. And most important is comfort: Since you may want to wear your postpartum bra while sleeping due to leakage or general soreness, an underwire or other constricting features are probably out of the question.

    When Should I Buy Maternity Bras?

    If you’ve reached the point of pregnancy when your bras are beginning to feel more like a corset than a comfy companion, then it’s definitely time to buy a maternity bra. This can happen as early as six weeks into pregnancy, so don’t be surprised if you head to the bra shop in your first trimester.

    How Many Mom Bras Do I Need?

    Generally, the rule of thumb is to have at least three pregnancy bras, three nursing bras, and three postpartum bras. This way, you’ll have one to wear, one that’s in the wash, and one as a backup in case of a milk leak. For postpartum and pregnancy, you want to have a few extra on hand to keep in rotation, as well as different styles for each occasion.

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    What Moms Should Look For In A Bra

    Finding a bra is already difficult enough, but throw pregnancy boobs into the mix, and the task becomes that much more difficult. You need the extra comfort, support, and not to mention moisture-wicking fabric. Here are a few features you’re definitely going to need and our two favorite bras that check off this list. 

    • Comfort. If you’re not comfortable in your bra, then what’s the point of wearing it? The name of the game is to find a bra that’s made without restricting materials – no molded cups, and certainly no underwire. Luckily, the  Monica Full Coverage bra is made with a soft modal fabric, has full coverage, and adjustable straps so you feel supported all day long – all without a piece of metal hiking you up.
    • Moisture-wicking fabric.When it comes to motherhood, your boobs need moisture-wicking fabric. Discharge is already a part of your life as a nursing person, and keeping your nipples dry is key to keeping boob rashes and flaky skin at bay. Plus, who needs milk stains to show through their clothes? A moisture-wicking fabric will whisk away the liquid.
    • Underwire-free.Underwire is irritating, uncomfortable, and if it breaks, it can be extremely pokey and painful. Why deal with that if you don’t have to? All of AnaOno’s bras are made underwire-free so you don’t need to deal with uncomfortable wire ever again.
    • Cute designs. Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you automatically need to wear grandma bras. There are plenty of bras that fit your needs with cute lace detailing and different colors besides blinding hospital white to help you feel sexy.
    • High support. Gravity tends to hit us all at some point, and there’s a chance your breasts won’t be as perky after having a baby. High support is key to giving your breasts an extra lift and not causing any potential back pain.
    • Adjustability. Your breasts are going to change during and after pregnancy. Having a bra that has adjustable straps and extra hook-and-eye-closures is a must to help you get the perfect fit.
    • Flexibility. Molded cups offer no flexibility with your changing breast sizes. Bras with flexible cups, however, conform to your breasts as your boob size fluctuates after your pregnancy and nursing days are behind you. Our favorite flexible bra that’s guaranteed to keep you comfortable all day long is the  Niya Pullover Lounge Bra. With thick straps, a plunging neckline, and no molded cups, this bra is so comfortable (and cute to boot!), you may even consider sleeping in it. 

    Find Your New Favorite “Mom Bra” At AnaOno 

    With a softer-than-cotton modal fabric, moisture-wicking fabric, and lightweight features, you’re guaranteed to feel your absolute best while wearing AnaOno. Not to mention, each bra is made underwire-free and forms to your body – not the other way around. Feel confident in your new postpartum body with cute lingerie meant to work foryou.  Shop AnaOno today to find your favorite!

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    Dana Donofree

    Dana Donofree

    Founder and CEO of AnaOno. After a diagnosis of breast cancer in her late 20’s, Dana took her own lived experience and fashion design background and (re)designed intimates for those that have undergone breast surgery. Dana’s story has been published around the world in outlets like New York Times, BBC, Huffington Post, The Today Show, and more.