what bras to wear after a breast cancer surgery for all chest types
What Bras to Wear After a Breast Cancer Surgery?

What Bras to Wear After a Breast Cancer Surgery?

Dana Donofree
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Finding surgical bras after breast cancer surgery can be challenging and tiring. We're here to assist and simplify the process.

Not all breast cancer surgeries are the same, and it is not always evident which kind of bra you should wear afterwards. To assist you in discovering the optimal post-surgery bra for you, we have compiled a convenient selection of bras for various procedures.

Bras For Immidialaty After Surgery

After any chest surgery you want a bra that is comfortable, soft and customizable. That's where the Post-Surgical Front Closure Bra with Drain Management Belt attached. Its drain pockets provide a comfortable fit for removable drains, and once they're gone you can remove the pockets too. Transform it into a post-op front closure bra that suits your needs! The soft, stretchy front closure fabric with adjustable straps make it easy to find the perfect fit so you can feel comfortable post-surgery. Enjoy the freedom of a fashionable look that goes right along with your healing journey.

During recovery, it can be hard to get bras on and off. That's what makes this front-closure bra perfect for wearing during recovery. The front clasp makes easier for you to get dressed.

Following surgery, your skin might be sensitive and your incisions easily irritated. The Post-Surgical Bra is made with a super-soft material that will prevent irritation that might be caused by other fabrics. Because this bra is so soft and comfy, you'll want to wear it far beyond recovery.


Post Surgical Front Closure Bra for chest surgery
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Post Chest Surgery Bras 

Once your skin is less sensitive, and you are about 6 months out from your surgery, step into a more beautiful, yet comfortable bra from AnaOno, that suit post mastectomies, lumpectomies, diep flap, unilateral, implant reconstruction or top surgery. 


Best Bras for DIEP Flap 

After a DIEP Flap surgery, the Cecile Modal Camisole with Built-in-bra offers the light support and comfort you deserve. It's one of the best camisoles after breast surgery. 

This camisole is designed to fit the shape and form of your breasts following a DIEP flap surgery. It comes with built-in pockets to accommodate expanders, lightweight breast forms and prostheses to help round out and balance your shape. 

With an ultra-soft material, wire free cups and adjustable straps, this is going to be one of the most comfortable camisoles you've ever worn; customers tell us they even sleep in it. It will feel great during recovery and beyond. 

Best Bras for Diep Flap Surgery and best post surgery bras from anaono

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Breast Reconstruction Bras

Looking for the best bra after implant reconstruction or other breast or chest surgery? Introducing the Trish Molded Cup bra, perfect for those who have undergone implant reconstruction, flap reconstruction, lumpectomies or someone who is au natural. Say goodbye to the days of feeling uncomfortable and exposed. Our Trish Molded Cup Bra provides a cozy, secure fit for all shapes and sizes, so you can be comfortable and confident all day long!

Don't worry, if you had a mastectomy and decided to stay flat, we have the perfect option for you, introducing the Carrie Pocketed Molded Cup Bra that can accommodate breast forms or breast prothesis.

Best bras for post implant reconstruction patients

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Other Breast Surgeries 

While our bras are perfect for breast cancer survivors, they also work well for those recovering from other breast surgeries, such as augmentation and reduction. Those who have had shoulder surgery or open heart surgery and have a limited range of motion will also find that the Bianca Front-Closure Sports Bra provides lots of coverage and a convenient front close. 

The Bianca will keep you comfortable during your recovery while providing you with a bra that can be worn and enjoyed for years after.

Best bras for any chest surgery post breast cancer bianca bra front closure sports bra

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Dana Donofree
Dana Donofree

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