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    No.25: What Do I Wear With My Post-Mastectomy Bra?

    Photo by Leticia Ribeiro from Pexels

    You've done the (seemingly) impossible: you found the PERFECT post-mastectomy bra. You've danced around your room, you've called to tell your BFF, and may have even taken some sexy selfies. You are feeling comfortable, confident and beautiful!

    But now what?

    Depending on what kind of surgery you've had, conquering your lingerie is half the battle. Now you need to figure out what outfits you can comfortably and confidently wear over your favorite new post-surgery bras.

    Post-mastectomy style can be tricky. If you've had reconstructive surgery, your new F(oo)Bs don't act the way your old boobs used to. If you had a unilateral mastectomy and are now rocking one breast, you're probably wondering what tops will flatter both sides of your chest. And if you're flat after double mastectomy, you probably want to find something that will fit great and feel even better.

    No matter what kind of surgery you've had, what your reconstructive choice is, or where you find yourself in your post-mastectomy adventure, we have fit and fashion tips that are sure to inspire once you have healed from your breast surgery. Check out some tips from someone with firsthand experience below to get examples of gorgeous and flattering post-mastectomy styles.

    AnaOno Founder & CEO, Dana Donofree shares some of her favorite post-surgical style tips to go with AnaOno post-surgery bras. Video courtesy of HealthiNation.


    First things first, make sure you have the perfect post-mastectomy bra. Having a comfortable, soft, smooth foundation makes all the difference when dressing post-op. The Front Closure Bra from AnaOno is a super-soft bra that feels utterly luxurious against your skin. That softness also helps when it comes to styling since it makes for the perfect foundation post-surgery because of its super-smooth design. It's extremely easy to take on and off when you have limited range of motion and transitions with you years beyond surgery. The Front Closure Bra will be your lingerie foundation to build all of your new outfits on top of while you heal.

    Once you are past the early days of recovery, you may want to try out some other bra styles. Our two everyday essentials are our comfiest bras yet and will become your favorite foundational pieces after breast surgery to wear under clothing, too. Molly, a plunging t-shirt mastectomy bra, is the ultimate fun and flirty post-mastectomy bra, and it's now softer than ever. Monica, a full coverage post-surgery style, is great for fuller breasts since it has a higher neckline. It is the ultimate bra for comfort and support, and it's so soft you won't even know you have it on!

    All of AnaOno wire-free bras and wire-free camis will help you feel comfortable and create a smooth appearance when layering under your post-mastectomy clothes. Because we use modal material, the bras lay more smoothly against your skin even if you are experiencing size changes or have some asymmetry across your chest.


    Don't let yourself think that you have to give up wearing stylish outfits due to your mastectomy or that your surgery means you'll feel uncomfortable in your clothes. You can mimic the feel of your favorite PJs (and AnaOno Miena Robe) through your work and day wear, all while looking polished and put together. Lightweight jersey wrap dresses are a stylish way to stay extremely comfortable after your breast surgery or mastectomy. They also allow for effortless dressing, which is essential while you recover after reconstruction or mastectomy. The customizable fit of a jersey dress is also great for getting a flattering fit across your chest regardless of its size or symmetry.

    Once you have a wider range of motion, stretchy jumpsuits are trendy and a breeze to get in and out of since you can step in instead of having to pull it over your head. Jumpsuits are also gentle against your sensitive surgical areas and can offer a slightly looser fit that feels comfortable as you complete your recovery.⠀
    Women wearing the Wrap Dress

    Relax- fit wrap dresses are stylish, soft and will keep you looking and feeling your best after surgery.


    Button-down shirts are your new best friend after surgery. Just like your favorite Front Closure Bra, you will have a much easier time getting in and out of a shirt that is accessible from the front. Add even more mobility by picking up some drop sleeve button-down shirts! Not only does it make you look cool/stylish, but it makes sure that the fabric won't be tight or restricting around your most sensitive areas. Plus, they can be easily dressed up or down, and even allow you to show off your F(oo)B's if that's what you want. You can also button-up the shirt all the way for a more conservative or professional look. A white button down is a must-have after your breast surgery for an easy and versatile post-mastectomy work style.

    Dana modeling a big button down shirt

    Drop sleeve button down tops are easy to put on and take off. The drop sleeves allow for extra room under your arm to not irritate your most sensitive areas. Image courtesy of HealthiNation.


    Layered, ruffled tops are amazing to provide symmetry and fullness if you are unilateral or flat and looking to achieve balance in your breast sizes. Plus, who doesn't love a flowy top, right? They are not only fun to wear, but are often times looser-fitting, giving you tons of comfort and breathability when you need it most. Ruffles at the bust can be a great way to look sexy and stylish while also providing a bit of extra volume over your breasts.

    Dana holding up a flowy black blouse

    Ruffles, flounces and multi-layers will give the illusion of symmetry if you are flat or unilateral. Image courtesy of HealthiNation.


    You want your bottoms to be just as comfortable and easy to put on as your tops. Silky jogger pants are not only cool, but also offer ease throughout the day. While they may feel like sweatpants, which is exactly what you want after surgery, the extra design details will keep you looking put together so you feel ready to take on the day outside your house or at least feel more comfortable as you heal. This is one of our favorite pieces of comfortable clothes for after surgery. Bonus tip: Look for joggers featuring silky materials, fun hardware and bright colors to show off your unique style.

    Model sitting and wearing the Abby lounge pants

    Latonya wears the Wirefree Wrap Front Cami with lounge pants. Look for pants that have elastic waistbands, and flowy fabrics. These will be easy to pull up when you have limited range of motion.


    You may not think that certain shoes may make your life easier post-mastectomy, but they can! While sneakers are comfortable, you won't be able to bend down to tie them. Cute slide on shoes can allow you the same level of comfort without the strain of bending over to put them on. At home, you might want to opt for some slide-in slippers so you don't have to fuss with getting socks on and off when it's tough to bend down.

    Mastectomies will leave you with limited range of motion for several weeks post-op. These simple dressing tips will help you not only look great, but also put as little strain on yourself as possible while allowing you to feel your most comfortable. That way, all you have to focus on is healing.
    Dana Donofree

    Dana Donofree

    Founder and CEO of AnaOno. After a diagnosis of breast cancer in her late 20’s, Dana took her own lived experience and fashion design background and (re)designed intimates for those that have undergone breast surgery. Dana’s story has been published around the world in outlets like New York Times, BBC, Huffington Post, The Today Show, and more.