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What To Get Your Wife For Her Mastectomy

What To Get Your Wife For Her Mastectomy

Dana Donofree
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So your wife was diagnosed with breast cancer or a genetic mutation, and is now planning to undergo a mastectomy. We know how you must be overwhelmed, scared and a little unsure of how to help her through all of this, but you are not alone. AnaOno has an amazing community of previvors, survivors and thrivers who have shared their must-have items and tips for husbands and all care-givers, including wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, and life partners who are helping their loved ones through their surgeries.

Before we begin, know that you are amazing for even seeking out this information for your loved one before their breast surgery. By simply thinking ahead and looking out for the one you love, you are playing a big part in supporting your partner through their journey, and that is HUGE. On behalf of all of us, thank you.

These items and tips will help you navigate your leading lady’s mastectomy surgery, and help her get through this tough time.

Post-Mastectomy Must-Haves


AnaOno Miena Recovery Robe with Additional Drain Belt to help with recovery


Our post-mastectomy must-haves: The Rora Front Closure Bra and Miena Robe with Drain Management Belt are both made from ultra-soft modal, to keep her extremely comfortable while helping her feel put together, supported, and cute too.

Being comfortable after surgery is so important. Post-mastectomy style is all about super soft materials and options that support her, while making her feel her most comfortable. Invest in super soft, luxurious post-mastectomy bras and robes that are functional for her post-surgical needs, and pretty too. Voted by InStyle Magazine, the Rora Pocketed Front Closure Bra is one of the very best front-closure recovery bras out there thanks to its unique combination of softness, adjustability and style. This easy front-closure design makes for best for post-surgery dressing, while the wide back bridge will give her the support she needs through the back and underarms. It offers an ideal fit during recovery and post-recovery, and is beautiful beyond surgery too, so she’ll love wearing it beyond thanks to its versatile design and feel.


Rora Front Closure Recovery Bras in Black, Ivory, Sand and Dusty Rose


The Rora Front Closure Bra comes in four different colors, so you can mix and match sets.

The Miena Robe with Drain Management Belt is both luxurious and functional.  The robe is super soft and comfortable and will become her go-to for relaxing and taking it easy. This post-mastectomy robe comes equipped with a drain management belt,  which will give her a place to put her drains after surgery and allow her the freedom to move around when she’s ready. When she no longer needs the belt, she can easily remove it, and wear the robe on its own for lounging around before bed, or getting ready in the morning.

The Leslie Bra is another post-mastectomy style that offers super soft light support. This sportier option is, wireless and so stretchy she can even step into it if her mobility is limited or pull over when she regains a little more of her range of motion.  Like the Rora Front Closure and Miena Robe, the Leslie is also made with incredibly lush modal fabric and will keep her comfortable while she takes the time she needs to heal.


Model wearing the Leslie Leisure Bra, the perfect T-Shirt Bra


Stretchy and breathable, The Leslie is easy to step into once she has a wider range of motion.

Once you have her essential post-op bra taken care of, adding in an AnaOno Gift Card will allow her to choose a bra she can wear once she has a full range of motion, finished with recovery, and is ready to wear something a little lacier and sexier. Give her the best gift ever - the gift of beauty, confidence, and empowerment to choose what is perfect for her new self.


AnaOno Lace Gloria Bra with AnaOno Gift Cards


She deserves something pretty, comfy and something special. Let her choose with a gift card.   

Pretty, breathable, silk pajamas with a button up shirt are also a great option that will not only allow for easier dressing and mobility, but will make her feel comfortable and cute while she is healing.

Post-Mastectomy Shopping Tips

Here’s some extra tips to complete her hospital bag:

  • Your wife may need some extra help the weeks following her mastectomy, as her movement and mobility will be affected. She won’t be able to brush or wash her hair herself for the weeks post-surgery, so brushing her hair and applying dry shampoo is an easy way to keep her feeling fresh and clean.
  • Pampering her with a pre-surgery blowout, or post-surgery hair wash at a salon will help her feel put together and pretty during a time that feels anything but.
  • Adult cleansing wipes will keep her feeling fresh in the weeks she can’t shower post-mastectomy, and spray deodorant will enable her to use less motion when applying.
  • Lifting her arms above her waist could be difficult and she may struggle once she’s moving on her own, so be sure to set out plates, wipes, books, etc. below waist level.
  • Pre-pouring glasses of water and juice, and leaving them in the fridge will ensure she doesn’t have to lift cartons or jugs when she’s thirsty. If something falls, and you aren’t around to pick it up off the floor for her, an extendable grabber can be a lifesaver.
  • Pillows are EVERYTHING. She will need all the comfy support around her body post-surgery as possible. There are specialty mastectomy pillows, wedge pillows and neck pillow that will help your wife get the best rest possible.
  • Surround her with items that will make her time sans-mobility easier while she is on bed rest. These items will make accessibility and everyday activities better, and will allow her to rest without having to get up or reach for things or feel frustrated. A long phone charger, back scratcher, a water cup with a built in straw and a shower chair are all great options for her.


We know how physically and emotionally-difficult mastectomies can truly be. One of the most difficult parts of healing, is regaining body confidence. Our last tip is to tell her every single day that she is beautiful. Write it on a sticky note, and place it on her bathroom mirror, send it to her in a sweet text message, or tell it to her over coffee in the morning. Remind her that she is strong, badass and she is not facing her journey alone.

Finally, encourage her to look in the mirror, and tell herself, "I love you." out loud every day until she means it. Gently remind her to be kind and patient with herself, and embrace whatever emotions come. Tell her you are there for her through it all.

The road ahead may be uncertain and scary, but having you fully present and supportive will help give her the confidence to get through it. 

You’ve got this. And remember, you aren’t alone in this either.

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Dana Donofree
Dana Donofree

Founder and CEO of AnaOno. After a diagnosis of breast cancer in her late 20’s, Dana took her own lived experience and fashion design background and (re)designed intimates for those that have undergone breast surgery. Dana’s story has been published around the world in outlets like New York Times, BBC, Huffington Post, The Today Show, and more.