Top 5 Things to Wear Home Post-Mastectomy

July 03, 2018 2 Comments

Top 5 Things to Wear Home Post-Mastectomy

We know that heading into the surgery room to face your single or double mastectomy surgery is a frightening thing—not to mention the added anxiety of getting dressed and ready for the occasion. But you're not alone in facing your upcoming procedure. At AnaOno, we are here to help by making the process of deciding what to wear after a mastectomy easier. We do not want you to worry one bit about how you will dress yourself, so we prepared a simple go-to list of our top five styles that help you recover in comfort. Check out this list to get practical tips for feeling comfortable and confident during your single or double mastectomy recovery. 


Front Closure Bra 

Post Mastectomy Surgery Bra with Pockets

Regardless of which procedure you have, your movements will be significantly limited during your recovery from double mastectomy or single mastectomy. Not only will you be sore (it was a major surgery after all), but you will also have limited range of motion, especially in your arms. We call them T-Rex arms, since you cannot raise your arms above your shoulders, or lift anything heavy. That means no sports bras! Not until after post-treatment, anyway.

That's why we recommend a front closure bra for after the doctor releases you from your post-surgery bra. Just make sure, to consult your doctor to make sure that you are ready to put on something more comfy (and more flattering than the iron maiden). Our Pocketed Front Closure Bra from AnaOno offers a comfortable and practical solution for this stage of recovery. The softer-than-cotton model fabric feels wonderful against your skin and won't irritate incision sites. Adjustable, convertible straps ensure a perfect fit and the wide back bridge offers additional back and underarm support. As you heal, you can even insert breast forms into the built-in pockets if you wish. When it comes to mastectomy recovery must-haves, this bra is at the top of our list.


Miena Robe w/ Drain Pouches

Miena Robe with Drain Management Belt

Ask your Breasties (other women that have undergone a mastectomy) what they thought about their drains. It's a trigger for sure! It's also likely to be the most annoying and uncomfortable part of your recovery. At AnaOno, we were determined to find a way to work around this. That's how we came up with the Miena Mastectomy Robe. This unique loungewear item has built-in drain pouches to ensure that the drains stay put. It's a vast improvement from having them safety pinned to your surgical bra (yeah, that's how they send you out of the hospital room).

Ask your doctor how many drains they suspect you'll need. You can always get a second belt if you expect to have more than two drains. And once you are done with them, you get the pleasure of tossing that belt out for good. But not the robe! You can wrap yourself up in luxury by wearing the Miena robe long after your recovery is complete.


Leslie Leisure Bra

Sleep Bra best for post-mastectomy recovery

When you start feeling a bit more like yourself and physical therapy helps get your range of motion back, you can graduate to our super comfy, super luxe, Leslie Leisure bra. This bra comes with a clever design that can be put on by stepping into it, which is helpful when you're still feeling sore or sensitive. You'll definitely want something soft against your skin to help you feel good while recovering, whether you are heading out or just looking for a little extra comfort around the house. This soft and gentle bra was made with all pain points in mind to make sure you can feel comfy and beautiful at the same time. We make sure that every little detail has been accounted for, and this leisure bra does it all!


Jennifer Boyshort

Your attention might be focused on the bust, but let's not forget about the undies. Just like the bras, the Jennifer Boyshort is made to prioritize your comfort and boost your confidence. This lovely underwear is made of an incredibly soft, comfortable modal fabric that's both breathable and eco-friendly. Get a few pairs and enjoy not being bothered by laundry for a little while longer. Plus, a fun little tip we found is to wear the matching underwear set to your bra. It's a simple trick, but if it makes you feel a little cuter, then it's worth it.


Kara Wrap Dress

What to wear after a mastectomy

You may feel sick, but you certainly don't want to look it. When it comes to picking out clothes for after your mastectomy, our Kara Wrap Dress is a great place to start. There are no zippers or buttons to fight with on this mastectomy gown. Instead, it just has an easy front knot around the waist for you to lounge and relax in style. It's the perfect go-to dress when you want to feel pulled together when friends and family come over. As a bonus, this dress also works with the same drain belt as the robe. Whether you wear them together or apart, you'll never want to take this dress off.

For some extra help in what to wear after your mastectomy, check out CEO Dana Donofree's tips in this special video with HealthiNation:


2 Responses

Marianne Koon
Marianne Koon

May 13, 2019

After my double mastectomy, I wore one of mr husbands short sleeve shirts, wrong side out, drains fit right in the pockets of shirt. Of course I didn’t go out in it, but it was a very comfortable way to deal with the drains.


June 22, 2018

Bless you—you’re a genius! During my last few weeks of radiation, my nurse shared your bras with me. After mastectomy, chemo, and the awful last few days of radiation, I am finally comfortable! It’s as if someone was extra kind to me for no reason at all. Forever grateful!!! Kathi

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