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Recovery is crucial for our bodies, minds and overall health. It's the time to give your body a break so that you can heal faster. However, as many of us know, recovery isn't just for after surgery. It's a constant. Once you've been through it, you are always trying to heal, rest, find a new version of yourself and try styles and solutions that help you along the way.

And because it is so important for so many of us survivors, thrivers and previvors, we've put together these helpful recovery tips and suggestions to keep in mind as you heal and move forward.


When it comes to recovery, there's nothing and no one more important than YOU. We know that heading into your surgery can leave you feeling frightened and anxious. At AnaOno, we're here to help you every step of the way so you can recover with support and style. With super soft recovery options designed with your surgeries in mind, AnaOno aims to make this time as comfortable for you as possible and without worry, providing you with the answers, solutions and options you need.


Taking care of yourself is not always easy. We know because we’ve been there. We suggest taking the time to do what makes you feel good, and making you the priority, always. Here’s some ideas just for you to give yourself some extra time and rest.

Taking care of yourself is not always easy. We know because we've been there. We suggest taking the time to do what makes you feel good and making yourself a priority-always. Here are some ideas to give yourself some extra time and rest during any moment of your recovery and beyond:
  1. Clear your calendar!
  2. Take it easy. The less you move, the faster you recover!
  3. Treat yourself! Schedule a blow-out or pamper yourself. You deserve it!
  4. Check out meal plan services to save you time and stress.
  5. Pick out your new favorite bras for post-drains and soft styles for recovery.


Are you planning on having surgery? Our bras, lingerie and loungewear are designed with your unique body and health needs in mind, taking you from surgery to recovery and beyond. Here are some of our favorites picked just for you for easy and comfy recovery!


Our Miena Robe with Drain Belt Management is a mastectomy and post-surgery essential to help you manage drains during your at-home recovery from lumpectomy, mastectomy or radiation. A detachable drain belt holds two drains securely by your side and hides them beneath the beautiful modal fabric. Already had your mastectomy, and didn't have our robe to recover? Get one for the person you love who is heading into their mastectomy surgery. It's the perfect gift for a breast cancer patient to know that you "get it" and you will be there to support them every step of the way with helpful single or double mastectomy recovery tips. Pair this with a gift card so they can get their first post-operative bra once their surgery is complete and healing begins.


Another go-to style for mastectomy or lumpectomy recover is our Pocketed Front Closure Bra. By clasping in front instead of in the back, this bra assists with easy dressing and gentle support. Recovery takes patience, and you may have restricted range of motion and discomfort following your mastectomy. Mastectomy surgery and lumpectomy surgery can be invasive, and if it has left you with any scar tissue pain, nerve pain or other complications, this front closure bra keeps you comfy and applies minimal pleasure to the sensitive areas. It's also stylish enough to continue wearing long after your healing is complete.


Super soft and lightweight options like Leslie Soft Support Leisure Bra are excellent for recovery. This after breast cancer surgery bra is versatile enough to fit many different people who have undergone breast surgery, including those who have had reconstruction, mastectomy, flat, radiation, lumpectomy and those who wear breast forms or have expanders in place. Because it's made with better-than-cotton, eco-friendly modal and mesh inserts, it offers excellent breathability and can even be used during workouts. You can wear this bra throughout your recovery, but it's so comfortable that you'll want to wear it long after that as well!



For a post-mastectomy bra that's incredibly soft and comfortable, choose the Delilah Dream Soft Cup Bra. This pocketed bra is great for transitional periods thanks to the removable modesty pads and built-in pockets that can accommodate lightweight breast forms or prostheses or lay beautifully flat under your clothes. It also includes convertible, adjustable straps so you can get the best fit at every stage of recovery. The breathable mesh back panel makes it great for everyday wear, and the ultra-plush Super Soft® lace trim adds a pretty accent.


We love hearing from you and are here to listen and help. Have anything to add? For those that have been there, tell us what your recovery go-tos were and help a newly diagnosed patient or friend through their recovery! Comment below or join the conversation with us on Instagram and Facebook.

No matter what you do, AnaOno is here for you every step of the way, from diagnosis, surgery, recovery and beyond. With AnaOno, you are Never Alone®.

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Jacqueline Austin
Jacqueline Austin

August 19, 2019

Recovery tips….recovery starts every day. For me the best advice I got was " do the next best thing." If I was down, I called a friend. If I was tired, I napped. If I felt cheated, I looked for ways to help others. We will have challenging days. The good news it they pass. Cancer and the subsequent treatments do not happen in a day, recovery does not either. My yoga teacher always reminds us “the most important thing in your life…is you life.” With that in mind the cancer recovery is a journey not a destination. What ever you have to do to honor this idea is what will work best for you as you travel the road of recovery. Chocolate is good too! Oh and of course comfortable bras from Ana Ono! Cheers, Jackie

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