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Meet StyleEsteem Founder: Sonya Keshwani Meet StyleEsteem Founder: Sonya Keshwani
StyleEsteem Wardrobe was created by young breast cancer survivor Sonya, to give women of all hair journeys the choice of fashionable headwear. At  StyleEsteem you can shop for turbans the same way you shop for clothes, by season and occasion. From lounge wear to couture styles, each turban was created to empower you with elegance, confidence and dignity as you live your beautiful story.
Flat Out Love with Lissa Sears Flat Out Love with Lissa Sears

In 2014 Lissa Sears was diagnosed with stage 2 IDC Breast Cancer but that didn't stop her from achieving all the goals she set out for herself. Sears is a successful comedian, actor, vodcast co-host of Gays of our Lives, a published author in Urban Dictionary, but most importantly one of the founders of the Flat out Love organization. 

My Survivor Story My Survivor Story

This month we are honoring and celebrating the women in the AnaOno community who've been diagnosed with breast cancer. Never one to encourage others to do something I wouldn't do myself, I thought I would start off the month with my own story, which includes the story of how AnaOno began.



Exploring Breast Implant Revision: All You Need to Know Exploring Breast Implant Revision: All You Need to Know
A breast implant revision is a procedure that replaces your old implants with new ones. The goal of this procedure varies from case to case: You may need to replace an old or leaking implant, your implant may have issues that impact breast appearance or your comfort, or you may want to improve the appearance if you were unhappy with the implant results the first time around.
Women Who Shaped (Breast Cancer) History Women Who Shaped (Breast Cancer) History

As Women's History Month comes to a close, it only seems appropriate to wrap up the month with a few of the women who impacted breast cancer history; the ones who inspired breast cancer patients in some way or another. These ladies made us look at our health and our bodies a little differently.



With the start of another new month, comes a new theme: RECOVERY. Recovery is crucial for our bodies, minds and overall health. It’s the time to give your body a break so that you can heal faster. However, as many of us know, recovery isn't just for after surgery. It's a constant. Once you've been through it, you are always trying to heal, rest, find a new version of yourself, and try styles and solutions that help you along the way. Here’s some helpful recovery tips and suggestions to keep in mind for your recovery.