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Meet Asha aka Dear Cancer It's Me Meet Asha aka Dear Cancer It's Me
Meet AnaOno agent, Asha Miller aka Dear Cancer It’s Me. Asha is a wife, mother and Breasties ambassador. She fearlessly rocked the runway in our 2020 AnaOno x #Cancerland New York Fashion Week show. 
Meet the Disruptor: AnaOno Meet the Disruptor: AnaOno

After surviving breast cancer, Dana Donofree used her experience to launch a bra company for others like her, who want to feel sexy and feminine again.

Meet Trish Meet Trish


We used to say O-NO to molded cups, because of annoying gapping, bubbles where nipples used to be, and painful fit. But now, we say O-YES. Our new Trish molded cup bra is for sure going to be your new favorite bra of all time. The Trish bra features a shallow bust shape that accommodates for the missing apex. There's no painful underwires or no side boning with itchy elastic. This bra was designed for those who have undergone reconstruction and who want to be able to feel comfortable and confident within their own skin! Shop the Trish Bra today and you will for sure feel a whole new type of beautiful! While also learning all about our new Trish bra, we want to introduce you to the muse behind it all, Trish. Here at AnaOno we love to use our community members as our muse for what we design.

Eliminating Underwire Bra Pain Eliminating Underwire Bra Pain

For bras that offer better support and are more comfortable, get helpful tips for how to eliminate underwire bra pain from the team at AnaOno.

Pink Is Not The Problem by The Breasties Pink Is Not The Problem by The Breasties
Pinktober is upon us. AnaOno and the breasties want to remind you all that October is not the time for Pink Washing. What is pink washing? This is the common practice of exploiting the pink ribbon in effort to sell and profit from products that do not go back to the cause of which they are promoting. Not every pink ribbon on every product has purpose beyond “awareness.” If you love pink, and you love pink ribbons, that is not the problem, companies that false advertise or market products with the hidden purpose of “Curing Breast Cancer” but do not donate back to a cause for further treatments and research for breast cancer, is Pink Washing. If you want to learn more about pink washing, how to become more informed about pink washing and want to learn how to support this movement, please continue reading.
What Bras to Wear After a Breast Cancer Surgery? What Bras to Wear After a Breast Cancer Surgery?
Finding surgical bras after a mastectomy, lumpectomy, DIEP flap, reconstruction or other breast cancer surgery can be a difficult and exhausting endeavor. We're here to help make that process easier.