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The Saggy Boobs Causes & Prevention Guide

The Saggy Boobs Causes & Prevention Guide

Dana Donofree
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The Saggy Boobs Causes & Prevention Guide

Death, taxes, and saggy boobs — three things in life we can unquestionably count on as being inevitable. 

The older we become, the more likely our breasts are to sag. It's difficult not to propel into self-criticism when we look in the mirror and see our breasts starting to droop given the unrealistic body images we're constantly bombarded with, but don't let Hollywood fool you — saggy, more relaxed breasts are totally normal (and still fabulous). 

Our youth-obsessed culture frowns upon the fascinating process that is aging, including our breasts sagging — however, try not to buy into this distorted view of reality. Many of us work so hard to strive to look youthful when aging is an incredible blessing to be able to do, and the changes that come along with getting older certainly do not make us less than as people or not as attractive — including our saggy breasts.

The goal should never be to fit in or fit into something; rather, to be content and happy with yourself and strive to live your best and healthiest life — no matter if your breasts can shelf your chin or sag down to your belly button.

What are saggy breasts?

Saggy breasts, or  ptosis (a sagging or prolapse of an organ or part), are the change in breast appearance that many people experience particularly when they age. The nipples tend to turn downward and the breasts can lose volume. 

What causes saggy breasts?

Saggy breasts may happen for many reasons, most of which are completely natural. 

As people age, they lose skin elasticity. Ligaments in our breasts, known as Cooper's ligaments, stretch out, which results in breasts starting to droop. 

In addition to aging, the stretching of these ligaments can also be influenced by the following: 

  • Collagen deficiency: As people age, they produce less collagen. Collagen deficiency can result in wrinkles and sagging skin. 
  • Smoking: Smoking expedites aging in that it hampers the blood supply of skin tissue. 
  • Gravity: Gravity pulls down those ligaments we mentioned earlier, which can result in stretched skin.
  • Delicate skin: The skin on people's breast tends to be more delicate and thin, making it more susceptible to change when we age. The chest skin becomes more relaxed as connective tissue decreases, as well.
  • Menopause: Estrogen levels drop dramatically as people near menopause. The milk system shuts down, resulting in the shrinkage of the glandular tissue. This leads to breasts becoming less dense yet fattier, which can result in sagging. 
  • Estrogen deficiency: Low estrogen can cause breasts to become less full and even smaller. This is because low estrogen levels decrease the amount of fat tissue in breasts. It also causes the ligaments to become less hydrated, resulting in poor elasticity. 
  • Weight fluctuation: Breast size changes when someone's weight fluctuates, e.g., lots of weight loss followed by weight gain or vice versa. As your breasts lose and gain volume, the ligaments that support the breast and chest skin isn't able to retract.
  • Breast size: The bigger the breast, the more likely it is to sag. Large breasts have increased volume and tissue weight, which can result in sagging. People with smaller breasts can still experience breast sagging due to other factors, like gravity.
  • Pregnancies: Glands in the breast fill with breast milk as hormones increase, and extra blood volume causes the tissue to swell. This extra fluid can result in breast sagging.

All of these determinants can result in breasts losing both firmness and volume over time, which can result in sagging.

Does not wearing a bra cause sagging?

No, not wearing a bra does not cause your breasts to sag! Neither does breastfeeding or wearing an ill-fitted bra. 

If you do want to find yourself a bra that fits just right, however, be sure to check out AnaOno's helpful blog post about how to find the best-fitting bra,  here

At what age do breasts start to sag?

There is no definite timeline as to when people's breasts start to relax. People in their 50s might have perky breasts while others in their 20s might have more relaxed breasts. Everyone is different! 

Our breasts change as our bodies do, with variances like weight loss and gain, pregnancies, and hormonal changes also coming into play. All of these factors contribute to the loss of skin elasticity, muscle mass, and changes in our connective tissue, which can result in sagging or more relaxed breasts.

How to mitigate or prevent saggy boobs?

In an effort to mitigate saggy breasts, find yourself a bra that fits flawlessly. It will give your breasts a natural, attractive shape, lift them, and give them the support they need. You would be amazed at what a great and supportive bra can do for your breast aesthetic! In addition, there are some exercises that can assist with breast sagging according to  Healthline, and these are:

  1. Cobra Pose
  2. Traveling Plank
  3. Pushups
  4. Plank Reach Unders
  5. Dumbbell Chest Press
  6. Stability Ball Dumbbell Fly
  7. Medicine Ball Superman
  8. Dumbbell Pullover
  9. Cable Crossover 
  10. Butterfly Machine
  11. Incline Dumbbell Chest Press
  12. Barbell Bench Press
  13. Cable Oblique Twist 

Check out their entire article with how-to videos of each workout,  here!

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Does wearing a bra at night prevent sagging?

You should only select a bra to wear when you sleep because of one thing and one thing only — comfort! Unfortunately, there's no proof that wearing a bra at night will prevent breasts from sagging. 

Just because we've debunked that wearing an ill-fitted bra does not result in sagging doesn't mean you shouldn't support your breasts with beautiful, comfortable, and great-fitting bras! If you're in the market for new garments to showcase your breasts, be sure to check out all of AnaOno's bras, with an array of options including  wireless bras,  pocketed bras,  bralettes, and so much more. Check them all out,  here

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