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    Front Closure Bras

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    Why Use a Front Closure Bra?

    As you adjust to the realities of your new body, you are also going to be discovering how difficult it can be to do certain arm movements. Doctors typically recommend limiting arm movements during the healing phase in order to give your body a chance to heal without aggravating incisions or scar tissue. This makes reaching backwards with both arms to fasten a bra completely out of the question. Switching to front closure bras eliminates a common source of post-op discomfort. After gently slipping into the bra, fastening goes quicker and smoother.

    Do Front Closer Bras offer the right Support? 

    Can a front closure bra made of lightweight modal material offer the kind of support you need? Absolutely! Believe us when we say that we've taken all support issues into account and our solutions are built-into every bra we offer to thrivers and their caregivers. We understand that there are different support needs for new bodies. Not only are these bras are made to be the softest bras ever, but they are also supportive enough to lift and hold in all the right places.

    Front Closure Bra Styles

    AnaOno front closure bras are not only easier to put on and take off they also give you the freedom to do whatever you want in total comfort. Our standard style features an adjustable crisscross back, and our sporty styles feature racerback designs and breathable mesh.

    What Are Front Closure Bras?

    Front closure bras, also known as front hook bras or front closing bras, have extendable clasps at the front, allowing you to adjust your fit as needed. If you’ve just had surgery, their design makes them easy to put on. They also have a wide back bridge to give you the support you need through your back and underarms and include pockets that can accommodate modesty pads and breast forms.

    Made with super soft material and no underwire, our front closure bras are a great choice for maximum comfort all day long. Choose from a range of bold to neutral, basic colors, in a variety of sizes.

    Storing Your Front Closure Bra

    You can store your front closure bra just like you would any other bra. Simply fold it up neatly and place it in a drawer. When it comes to washing your bra, our Laundry Bags are the perfect solution for getting them clean without compromising their delicate, soft quality. You can also store them in the laundry bag after use.

    How To Wear a Front Closure Bra

    Wearing your front closure bra is easier than ever. Simply place your arms through the straps, and hook the front clasps together starting from the bottom. Our straps are convertible and adjustable, ensuring you get the perfect fit and allowing for multiple fits. Your front closure bra should provide support while being comfortably snug.

    Front Closure Bras: Frequently Asked Questions

    When can I wear a front closure bra?

    Our front closure bras are great for anyone facing range of motion challenges due to surgery or injury, or who just want a simple, easy-on, and easy-off bra. Our front closures are designed to aid in post-surgery recovery, which could be a breast surgery (including breast reductions and breast implant procedures), breast cancer surgery and recovery (including lumpectomy, partial mastectomy, unilateral mastectomy, and mastectomy with reconstruction), open-heart surgery, shoulder or back surgery, and additional procedures that might make a typical back closure bra to difficult to wear. They are also designed to fit those who have undergone various types of reconstruction surgery, including DIEP flap, TRAM flap, implant reconstruction, and explant.

    I just had surgery. Which front closure bras do you recommend?

    We have several bra options for you following surgery. Each of them is wire-free, lightweight, and ultra-soft. The Rora Pocketed Front Closure Bra offers a unique combination of adjustable straps and style. It provides ultra-comfortable support with a super soft modal, and a wide back band to give you support all the way around. Plus the hidden seams help to avoid sensitive areas of your skin.

    For your new go-to sports bra, check out the Bianca. The Bianca front close bra offers a snug fit with a racerback for added support and a mesh back to help keep you cool. It’s also great for post-workout recovery.

    Why might someone want to wear a front closure bra?

    Our front closure bras can be worn for many reasons. Some people choose to wear them as an easy option after surgery, especially when there is limited arm movement. Others choose to continue wearing our front closure bras well beyond surgery - the adjustable and convertible straps combined with the soft material make them incredibly comfortable and supportive.

    I’ve never had surgery. Can I still wear a front closure bra?

    Yes! Our front closure bras are also made for anyone with range of motion issues, or anyone who just prefers the style. Our Melissa bra offers a plunging neckline with a lace racerback for a fun and flirty design. For those looking for a lace and modal combo, our JamieLee is the perfect choice.

    What are the features of your front closure bras?

    Our front hook bras make recovery easier after any type of breast surgery because they are:

    • Lightweight
    • Made with a super-soft material that is gentle on your skin
    • Easy to put on and remove (especially when arm movement is limited)
    • Affordable
    Can your pocketed front closure bras add volume to my appearance after surgery?

    Our pocketed front closure bras give you the option to wear breast forms to add that extra boost you might want (once you have healed and feel ready to wear them). Regardless of what style you are looking for, we have the perfect pocketed front closure bra for you.

    Do you have bra fit experts?

    Our Fit Quiz helps you find your AnaOno perfect fit in less than one minute. We offer a variety of sizes, including for those who wear plus size.

    How does your front closure bra collection make healing easier?

    Our front closure bra collection offers support and comfort, giving you less to worry about in the weeks following surgery. We design each of our bras with care and an eye toward practical enhancements and quality. We use super-soft materials to construct our bras, and this high level of supreme comfort helps you heal while helping to make everyday life just a bit easier.

    The AnaOno difference is evident when you experience front closure options, super soft and breathable modal material, no underwire, and pretty design features. You can also choose front closure bras with pockets. Overall, this attention to your needs is what makes any of our front closure bras your new essentials.

    I’ll have reduced arm movement after my reconstruction surgery. Can I wear the front closure bra?

    Yes! Our front closure bras were specifically made for this purpose. It’s common after surgery to have reduced arm movement, making it difficult to get dressed (especially when it comes to putting on a bra). Our front closure bras make it easier for you to access dressings, drains, and more while you heal. Additionally, our front closure bras are wire-free and made from the softest material, so you don’t need to worry about any skin irritation.

    Can I wear your front closure bra long after I’ve recovered from my surgery?

    Absolutely! The beauty of our high-quality front closure bras is that they can be used well beyond recovery. In fact, many of them come with pockets that easily accommodate prosthesis or lightweight breast forms, making it an easy decision to continue wearing them for years beyond your surgery.

    Why Use a Front Closure Bra?

    Front closure bras can be great for helping with any range of motion issues, comfort against sensitive areas, or if you have a specific silhouette that you are looking for.

    Do Front Closure Bras Offer The Right Support?

    Yes! Front closure bras are just as supportive as back closure or pullover bras. Some front closure bras, like our Bianca bra, are even more supportive than some of our back closure bras. Our front closure bras offer different sizing options for the hooks and customization with strap lengths.

    Front Closure Bra Styles?

    We have several Front Closure bras, all made for different parts of your story. The Rora bra is great for recovery or radiation to keep you comfortable, and the Bianca bra is another great style for recovery with a more snug fit. The Melissa bra is a great modal bra with a lace racerback for some extra style. If you are looking for a front closure bra for more intimate moments, the JamieLee bra is the perfect combo of our sexy stretch lace and super soft modal.