10 Breast Cancer Care Package Gift Ideas

10 Breast Cancer Care Package Gift Ideas

Dana Donofree
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10 Breast Cancer Care Package Gift Ideas

What is the best gift for a breast cancer patient?

After a loved one is diagnosed with breast cancer, their whole world changes. Family and friends want to help out; however, sometimes it’s difficult to know what they actually need. You could just drop off a casserole and some flowers, but what do cancer patients really want? They’re looking for useful and thoughtful gifts as they navigate through breast cancer treatment because trust us, no one needs another t-shirt with a pink ribbon to raise breast cancer awareness. 

What do you put in a breast cancer care package?

Many cancer gifts can go into a breast cancer care package. From meal delivery service gift cards, to lip balm, a reusable water bottle, and clothing that make breast cancer treatment and recovery care a little easier for patients. Building a care package for a loved one is a great way to show you’re thinking about them. Read this guide to building cancer care packages for our top picks. 

1.  AnaOno Recovery Bundle

What It Is: Our Miena Robe with Drain Management Belt is recommended by doctors nationwide because of its incredible comfort and its practical drain belt recovery system. The Rora Recovery bra is an award winning style that has an easy front closure and comfortable support to help you heal while maintaining your style. These two styles come together in this essential recovery set to ensure that recovery time is as comfortable as possible. Pair this bundle with an AnaOno Gift Card to create a cancer package any patient will love. 

Why It’s Loved: “I bought this robe for my daughter-in-law who just had a double mastectomy in Montreal. She is thrilled with the drain management bags because they take the weight off the incisions and the drain bags. The hospital said they had never seen these before and found this to be a great idea.” - Pam

Buy It: $105 at  AnaOno

woman in white bra and black robe holding a drain

2.  Unite for Her, HER Care Box

What It Is:  HER care box  was developed by Unite for Her's team of medical and wellness professionals and is designed to help empower, educate, and bring balance to the emotional and physical well-being of those affected by breast or ovarian cancer during treatment and beyond. Each care box contains a range of self-care items carefully curated by our medical and wellness advisors. These items promote healing and confidence and will help empower emotional and physical well-being during treatment and beyond.

Why It’s Loved: Your gift extends beyond each recipient. Each care box purchased benefits the Unite for HER Wellness Program and mission, serving women affected by breast and ovarian cancers in the Philadelphia region. Program participants receive a year of complementary therapies, including medical acupuncture, professional counseling, sexual health resources, oncology massage, nutrition counseling, Reiki and more, ALL at no personal cost.

Buy It: Starting at $75 at  Unite For Her

woman smiling holding a box full of mastectomy must haves

3.  Liv and Let Giv Crates

What It Is: Liv and Let is dedicated to giving strength and hope to those affected by breast cancer - previvors, survivors, and caregivers. By nurturing and providing comprehensive knowledge, the hope is to provide emotional, mental and physical support as well as essential items to thrive through treatment and survivorship. 

Why It’s Loved: Giv by Liv & Let assembles personalized curated  caring crates created with love and support for loved ones who are affected by cancer. All products chosen come from companies that directly support those diagnosed with cancer, have been started by cancer survivors, are women owned, use natural materials, or give back in some way. So you know you’re receiving the best of the best. 

Buy It: Starting at $50 at  Liv and Let

overhead shot of a box full of gifts

4.  Nothing Pink Super Soft Tee

What It Is: Nothing Pink is a nonprofit organization with the goal to increase awareness of hereditary breast and ovarian cancers and provide personalized support for individuals at high risk. They offer Nothing Pink apparel to raise awareness and provide support for those diagnosed because there’s nothing pink about breast cancer. Adding one of their items to a cancer care package is a thoughtful way to let your loved one know you’re thinking about them. 

Why It’s Loved: When you shop this  super soft tee 100% of the proceeds go to nothingpink.org to help further their mission. They have provided over $36,000 in financial assistance for testing, preventative surgery and support services to women in North and South Carolina

Buy It: $20 at  Nothing Pink

gray t-shirt that says Nothing Pink

5.  Mend Together Mastectomy Gift Box

What It Is: Mend Together was founded by Lisa Lefebvre, 2x cancer “endure-er”. Lisa says, “After my cancer diagnoses, I knew I needed support. Friends and family wanted to jump in, but I wasn’t sure what kind of help I needed (or was too shy to ask). That’s why I created Mend Together – to make life easier for patients who truly need help.”

Why It’s Loved: Give the gift of rehabilitation after a mastectomy with this carefully-curated group of  helpful healing tools. This gift arrives in a keepsake gift box with hand-tied ribbon and includes:

  • Extra soft AnaOno robe 
  • Post-surgical waterproof shirt to wear in the shower to protect wounds
  • Mini heart-shaped pillow to take the pressure off sensitive breast areas when sleeping, sitting or driving
  • High potency arnica infused pain relief cream to reduce bruising
  • Temporary nipple tattoos to help patients make difficult nipple construction decisions

Buy It: $199 at  Mend Together

flat lay of a robe and pillow

6.  Cancer Be Glammed Recovery Clothes

What It Is: Cancer Be Glammed was born out of friendship. It wasn’t founded in a corporate office but over many late nights at a kitchen table. It was started by two mothers, close friends who experienced first-hand how hard it can be to hang onto your dignity and self-esteem while battling the side effects of cancer treatment. Their recovery clothes make the perfect addition to your cancer care kit. 

Why It’s Loved: Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation create their own unique dressing challenges. These specially-designed  clothes take the guesswork out of what to wear after surgery, during treatment and throughout recovery. Gift a loved one with practical and fashionable recovery clothes that were survivor-selected for their ability to “Help & Heal.”

Buy It: Starting at $42 at  Cancer Be Glammed

woman in blue t-shirt that unzips at the arm

7.  Fighting Pretty Package

What It Is: Founder, Kara Skaflestad, and Fighting Pretty have been recognized by Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie on the  Today Show, Kara has been featured as an "empowered woman who empowers women" by  Gap Body, and was the Ulta Beauty survivor featured in the 2018 October global advertising campaign. 

Why It’s Loved: 100% of the net profits from your purchase support Fighting Pretty's mission of helping women battling cancer feel strong and beautiful. Shop their site to curate a customized pretty package that anyone diagnosed with cancer will love. 

Buy It: Starting at $10 at  Fighting Pretty

pink box that says hello beautiful

8.  Hello Jasper Platform

What It Is: Hello Jasper offers meaningful support through an app and website for all patients diagnosed with serious conditions. Jasper is on a mission to provide personalized support to patients living with cancer, regardless of income. Jasper provides access to valuable tools and resources free of charge. 

Why It’s Loved: The  Hello Jasper Planner is a powerful tool that’s easy to use. It allows patients to get an overview of their cancer care at a glance, plan appointments, track symptoms, access resources, and more.

Buy It: Free at  Hello Jasper

screenshots of a calendar app

9.  Alula Post-Mastectomy Must Haves

What It Is: After a cancer diagnosis, the “things-to-buy list” seems to grow every day. That’s because the right products can make a huge difference in your treatment, comfort, and recovery. Alula has taken the guesswork out of shopping for cancer-related items. Alula, a radically honest resource centralizing the digital tools that make cancer less lonely - built by someone who’s been there… and is still there.

Why It’s Loved: Alula’s marketplace — featuring everything from medical supplies to wardrobe staples — is curated by cancer patients and guided by medical advisors. Shop, create a registry, or browse a loved one’s registry.

Buy It: Starting at $24 at  Alula

dusty rose robe hanging from a branch

10.  Yellow Threads Co. Chest Access Tops

What It Is: Yellow Threads Co. was founded by husband and wife team Ashton and Brittany Harvey with the simple mission to instill hope and confidence into the lives of men, women and children living with cancer. They wanted to make fighting cancer as simple and safe as possible for everyone involved, while also looking fashionable. Their mission as a company is to have every person wearing their product feel empowered to live a life defined by themselves, NOT by their cancer. Their port access zipper tops offer easy access to ports when going for chemo treatment, making them the perfect addition to a chemo care package. 

Why It’s Loved: The right & left zipper system on these  long-sleeve shirts enables convenient and safe access to patient ports during chemo check-ups and treatments. This shirt will empower patients to live life on their terms and not be defined by a cancer diagnosis. Plus, it's super-soft to keep those with sensitive skin comfortable all day long.

Buy It: $69.99 at  Yellow Threads Co. 

woman in gray long sleeve shirt that zips at the chest for port access

These are our top ten picks when searching for breast cancer care packages for a loved one. Mix & match to create your own personalized gift basket or seamlessly order a pre-curated package from one of these trusted organizations. Looking for more ways to support a loved one? Check out our blog about what to say to someone who has cancer. 

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Dana Donofree
Dana Donofree

Founder and CEO of AnaOno. After a diagnosis of breast cancer in her late 20’s, Dana took her own lived experience and fashion design background and (re)designed intimates for those that have undergone breast surgery. Dana’s story has been published around the world in outlets like New York Times, BBC, Huffington Post, The Today Show, and more.