How Do I Find a Bra When I Only Have One Boob?

How Do I Find a Bra When I Only Have One Boob?

Dana Donofree
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The Best Bras for One Boob - Unilateral Bras

Even if you know all about what will happen during your unilateral mastectomy, you might have a lot of questions about how to proceed once the surgery is over. Unfortunately, our doctors don't exactly give us style advice on pretty bras to wear after a single mastectomy, and post-op care doesn't come with a catalogue on what bras will flatter our natural boob and flat side simultaneously. Is it really so much to ask for a little bit of guidance on how to ensure our self-confidence will heal along with our surgical side?! It's enough to make anyone crazy, frustrated and uncomfortable.

By now, we've accepted that our doctors are the experts in cancer, not lingerie options. Fortunately, our team at AnaOno has seen it ALL and we have you covered. When you shop on our site, you'll be able to find a unilateral bra that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

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What is a Unilateral Bra?

A unilateral bra or bralette is exactly what it sounds like: a bra that is made to fit those with one breast after a unilateral mastectomy. This bra can support your natural breast while simultaneously providing comfort to your flat side. A unilateral bra can give you the illusion of symmetry if you wish to use optional features like breast form inserts. Most importantly, however, our asymmetrical bra styles for one breast or uneven breasts are super soft and stylish, making you feel sexy and beautiful.

How to Get the Right Fit for Different Sized Boobs

When trying on a bra to fit your body after a unilateral mastectomy, steer clear of underwire bras. While it'll be supportive one side, the underwire isn't going to be comfortable for your flat side. Instead, when looking for unilateral mastectomy style, look for a bra that provides fuller coverage with plenty of stretch. This will support your natural side while comfortably hugging your flat side. This might seem obvious, but a fuller coverage bra style will give support to your single girl, while giving you the compression and comfort you need where you are flat.

All AnaOno bras are underwire-free and made super soft material, so they'll feel comfortable against your skin and won't irritate your scars. Our unilateral bra collection features underwire-free, pocketed styles fit for unilateral mastectomy with reconstruction or unilateral mastectomy without reconstruction. These bras are versatile enough to work for those who have one side that is flat and for individuals with flap reconstruction or implant reconstruction.

Unsure of your size? Our helpful fit guide can help you find your size post-surgery with style suggestions curated just for you. We've made sure that you can find a bra that fits you properly even if your chest is not symmetrical.

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What To Look For In A Bra for Uneven Breasts or One Breast

The Option of Pockets: Everyone wants options, right? Want to rock breast forms or prosthesis for a more symmetrical look? A pocketed bra is best to accommodate your form of choice. Check out our pocketed bra collection and our F(OO)B­® foam insert for a comfy and natural way to balance and achieve symmetry.

The F(OO)B® is so light, it doesn't even weigh an ounce. This breast form insert is comfy and bouncy and looks super-natural in your favorite top or alone in your bra. All of our pocketed bras are wire-free, ultra-soft and designed to fit any breast form or prosthesis, so you can create balance at your preference or leave the insert out and go with your natural look. The choice is yours!

For a mastectomy bra with built-in forms, simply include a F(OO)B® insert with your purchase, and pop them in the pockets to create your own look. The F(OO)B® comes in a variety of sizes so you can get the best fit for your body.

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Strap Options: Look for bras that have adjustable straps. Adjustable or convertible straps help to customize your fit based on your comfort. An adjustable style, like our sexy and lacy Gloria Pocketed Wire-Free Bra, is a great bra option for one breast. The adjustable straps allow you to tighten and lift where you might need it, allowing for both sides of your chest to get a comfortable fit. This type of bra can also be worn with any F(OO)B® breast form, pad or prosthesis.

With a unilateral bra with convertible straps, you have the option to wear the straps regular or crossed in the back for a bit more support. With convertible straps, like in our Delilah Dream Soft Cup Bra style, you add versatility to your bra to fit any top in your closet or to simply adjust the straps as necessary in other to give each side of your chest a comfortable, flattering fit. Additionally, we offer a variety of racerback options, which provide a soft, supportive comfort to the chest, such as our Niya Pullover Pocketed Lounge Bra.


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More Hooks for Comfort: Look at the hook closure style when shopping for post-mastectomy bras. A good, comfortable bra for one breast will have a wider band and more hooks. Usually the hooks are in back, but you may also find convenient options for surgical recovery like our Pocketed Front Closure Bras to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

When you have a larger natural breast, you need more support, so having more hooks will give you what you need, while providing comfort and coverage to your flat or reconstructed side. Have a smaller natural breast? The wider hook option will feel so comfortable on your back, you won't want to take your bra off.


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Bring Sexy Back: It can be tough to get your confidence back in the bedroom when you aren't feeling like your old symmetrical self. Get your mojo back with a lacy, pocketed option that fits you like a dream. The Maggie is a sexy style made to fit those with unilateral mastectomy with and without reconstruction. It comes with a smoothing pad for a sleek look under clothes. This pad can also be taken out to accommodate a breast form if you want to wear one. Made with stretch lace and always underwire-free, it gives you the style and support you crave without the discomfort. More importantly, they give you a big boost of confidence and allow you to see how your new shape is just as desirable as it was before your mastectomy. 
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Bra shopping after your single mastectomy should be empowering, not frustrating. So, no matter what style (or styles) you decide on, the most important thing to remember when shopping for unilateral mastectomy bras is that it makes you feel your most comfortable, confident and beautiful. Discover the bra of your dreams when you shop online at AnaOno.

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