How It Feels When You Find The Perfect Mastectomy Bra

June 19, 2019 1 Comment

How It Feels When You Find The Perfect Mastectomy Bra

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So you’ve had your double or single mastectomy, and now that you’re healed, and able to transition out of your oncologist prescribed compression bra after your surgery, you’ve been given the green light to find something cuter and more comfortable (WOO!)

But when you start shopping, you have a hard time finding something that is comfortable enough, something that fits your new body, and makes you feel PRETTY. You’re frustrated and upset, and you have every right to be. Why does finding something that fits your new body have to be SO HARD?!

Just when you are about to give up, you discover AnaOno Post-Mastectomy Bras!

*Que the chorus of angels singing*

The relief! The comfort! The softness! The feel! The details! THE LACE! You are the walking, talking version of the heart eyes emoji, and you don’t care who sees!

We know how good it feels to find a comfortable post-mastectomy bra that looks incredible and feels even better. So without further ado, please enjoy these gifs that perfectly demonstrates the joy and elation of finding the ultimate post-mastectomy bra (along with your personal reviews that inspired them!) 

“This is one of the first "real" bras that I have worn since surgery.”

– An anonymous fan of the super soft and comfy Leslie Leisure Bra

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“I had a right mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. My hospital bra was compressive and supportive, uncomfortable but necessary. The skin in my bra line became red and sore. When I put this bra on I felt SO MUCH BETTER!”

- Another Anonymous lover of an AnaOno post-surgical bra: The lacey and comfy Jess Bra

“This bra is heaven. Finally, something that is comfortable, looks good and feels great. I absolutely LOVE it!”

-Debra B, another admirer of the pocketed and wireless Leslie Bra


The Front Closure Bra is the perfect, comfortable bra to transition to after your compression bra and was voted Best Post-Mastectomy Bra by InStyle Magazine!

 “I really can't get over how soft and comfortable it is.”

-An anonymous review on the most popular Pocketed Front Closure Bra


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“This is the second bra I have gotten from AnaOno. They are so comfortable and make you feel beautiful!!” 

-Garnett P, on the transformative, lacy Gloria Bra, for those ready for something a bit sexier. 

“I LOVED how it looked on me.”

-Krista M. on our soft, wireless everyday t-shirt bra. 

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“Thank you, [AnaOno] for making beautiful, sexy, comfortable bras so that I still feel “womanly” when I want to wear one. I was worried how it would be to have no breasts after years of having “foobs” due to reconstruction from breast cancer. I'm happily living flat,but feel so glad to have such a beautiful option to wear with my breast forms!” -Another anonymous fan for the wireless and pocketed, Gloria Post-Mastectomy Bra, perfect to fit your favorite breast form, prosthesis, or our super light Breast Form F(OO)B­™ Inserts.

 “Deliciously comfortable and sexy.” 

-Feel sexy without the discomfort in our wireless Kiku T-Shirt bra like this anonymous reviewer.

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“[I am] absolutely obsessed with how sexy I feel in this bra.”

-Melanie P, another lover of our feminine and plunging wirefree post-mastectomy Jess Bra

“This bra is a game changer”

– Ruth F. The Jess Bra proves to be a favorite for her too! 

“This is the best bra I’ve purchased for my reconstructed breasts. It makes me forget the breasts aren’t real.”

- An anonymous fav for foobs, the wireless  Kiku Bra   

“This is the first bra I've felt truly sexy in since my mastectomy. I wear it often and it always gives me the boost of confidence I need, in and out of the bedroom.”

-Lauren O. Gloria Bra  Jess 

“I am so happy and relieved”

- A happy review from Alayna M. who loved the versatile design and functionality of our Front Closure bra. Beautiful beyond surgery!

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“Thank you AnaOno for...well...just for existing. Being able to feel confident and pretty (and comfortable!) after an experience like this means so much.”

-Sud, a confident wearer of the comfy wirefree post-mastectomy Kiku Bra

“It’s been years since I have worn a real bra (not a sports bra) since my surgery. This is perfect! Comfortable and feminine. Love it.”

-Tonia H, Another fan for our Kiku bra. This favorite gives you the shape of a real bra, without the discomfort.

 The super soft and feminine Delilah Bra will help you feel like yourself again. 

"So appreciate the reminder, 'You are never alone'." 

-Garnett appreciating our message, and the breathable bralette, our super soft and wireless Delilah Dream Soft Cup Bra

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“A friend of mine knew I was having a hard time with my image and finding a bra that felt right. She did some research and sent me the link for AnaOno. These bras are Amazing. I love the tag that comes on each one reminding you that “You are not alone”💜

-Garnett, on the confidence and community she gained when wearing the Gloria Bra

The AnaOno post-mastectomy collection is full of styles that can work for you, no matter your surgery type.

We know how hard mastectomies can be, so we’ve made it our mission to make finding the perfect and most comfy post-mastectomy bra for your new body as easy and FUN as possible.

You’ve been through enough, so kick back and enjoy the comfort and confidence that comes with finding the perfect AnaOno Bra.

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Sandra Davidson
Sandra Davidson

August 19, 2019

In Canada they don’t offer a reconstruction immediately post mastectomy. I had a double mastectomy and was advised not to have reconstruction because of my age over 65. I took her advice and hated my body ever since. I hate the prosthetic boobs and worn all types but can’t find anything that looks natural. Please help me I have almost stopped going out of house.

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