How to wear breast forms
How to Wear Breast Forms: Tips & Styles | AnaOno

How to Wear Breast Forms: Tips & Styles | AnaOno

Dana Donofree
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How to Wear Breast Forms: Tips & Styles

Looking for style tips and tricks for wearing breast forms? Look no further, Jamie Lee, of SperoHope organic deodorant and flat meets forms advocate is going to share her top tip style advice. Forms are designed to help mimic the shape of breasts that may have been removed during a mastectomy surgery. Silicone breast forms, or breasts forms made of lighter materials will not replace your natural breasts, but they will fit into pocketed bras to ensure a look that appears more natural under clothing. 

With your breast tissue gone from your chest wall, you may find wearing a regular bra to be difficult, but not to worry, AnaOno  bras are designed to fit your chest if you are flat or wearing forms. Our pocket bra collections are perfect for holding the form in place and specially designed to fit your unique needs. First, start with your bra band and from there you can determine what size is best for your breast form size after taking our  fit quiz.  AnaOno bras do not adhere to traditional cup sizes like regular bras, and are underwire free and pocketed to hold your form in place. No need for a tape measure, just reference your bra band (ignoring the cup size) and start off with your new AnaOno. Easy and free returns and exchanges so don’t worry if you guess wrong. 

Style Tips on Wearing Breast Forms 


Who says you can't wear a strapless dress with F(oo)Bs! 

Pocketed Bra Options to Hold Your Form In Place 

Pocketed mastectomy bras are a must to keep forms in place and provide a pocket in the bra unlike a traditional or regular bra where your form may slip out. Custom breast forms are worn against the chest and rarely need a pocket in the bra, however, to insure your insurance coverage following your mastectomy bras must be pocketed in order to utilize the coverage. Check your insurance benefits today.


Choosing the Right Type of Breast Form 

There are many options for forms, off the shelf forms in different sizes and skin tones, custom breast forms that fit your unique body and shape, and even F(oo)Bs a light weight (and affordable) alternative to your breast forms needs.

Where to Shop for Breast Forms 

You will want to find a local mastectomy boutique or durable medical equipment supplier to get all the access you need to pick the right breast form for you! We recommend checking out our store locator page for our favorite mastectomy boutiques near you, to be sure you get the care and attention you deserve. And don’t forget to check with your insurance coverage to find out more about your post-mastectomy needs and insurance benefits. 

How to Clean Your Breast Forms

Cleaning your breast forms is easy. We recommend using a very mild soap and hand washing your forms. We love  SOAK wash, delicate enough for your skin,  your lace intimates, and your favorite AnaOno mastectomy bras. 

Your questions answered on Breast Forms

What is it like to wear breast forms?

Jamielee wearing the anaono romper


How do you wear a teardrop breast form?

It is best to insert your breast form into the bra pocket to ensure its position and hold close to your body. We recommend our Rora Front Closure for positioning your form easily and getting in and out of your pocketed bra. 

Breast Form insert

How long can you wear breast forms?

Some people can wear their breast forms all day long, and others for only certain hours of the day. We recommend you get fitted by a specialist to ensure the weight and balance of the form will be comfortable for long-term wear. We also recommend our super light weight F(oo)B breast form inserts for an easy and quick option to filling out your bra. 

JaimeLee wearing the Bianca sports bra


F(oo)Bs are awesome in your Bianca Sports Bra!

Do you need a special bra for breast forms?

Most breast forms are not fit to your exact chest wall and require a pocketed bra to hold the form in place. You can see our beautiful pocketed bra collections at AnaOno. 

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Can you swim with breast forms?

We suggest silicone breast forms for swimming. Check out our Evenly breast forms for some waterproof options made for pocketed swimsuits. 

Can you workout with breast forms? 

Forms are designed specially to feel fill the void of natural breasts, although some may wear their forms for working out, you don’t have too. AnaOno has bras that lay flat against your chest, if after a bilateral mastectomy or unilateral mastectomy, so you can get your sweat on and not worry about fussing with your foobs! 

How can I hide my breast form?

Breast forms are best hidden inside the pocket of a bra or used with a mastectomy bra. With a good fitting mastectomy bra, and custom form, you can feel confident that you won’t have a foob slip! 

How much does a prosthetic breast cost?

Breast prosthetics can range from $10-$15/side (check out our affordable F(oo)B™ inserts) to $1000’s of dollars. It is important to check with your insurance for breast prosthetics and breast forms as they are covered following your mastectomy surgery and may require very little out of pocket costs to get the breast form that is right for you. 

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Dana Donofree

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