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    The (re)Issue

    We see and hear platitudes daily. They are inescapable. They dominate Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. We overhear them in coffee shops or song lyrics. We may even say a few ourselves.

    My story is one of those ironic situations where when you hear the whole story, you kind of scratch your head and go WOW.


    Jaime Trabbold was a young mom with an infant son when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is her story of losing confidence and finding it again in the most unlikely of places.


    This month we are honoring and celebrating the women in the AnaOno community who've been diagnosed with breast cancer. Never one to encourage others to do something I wouldn't do myself, I thought I would start off the month with my own story, which includes the story of how AnaOno began.



    Dana shares her personal experience of being diagnosed and continuing to work through treatment.
    Watch Dana discuss fit, style and fabric and show off her lovely collection of bras for women with reconstruction or other breast surgery.

    Knowing how to perform a breast self-exam won’t save you from the clutches of breast cancer. (If the cancer comes a-calling, you can’t ask it to please move along to someone else. It picked you, and you have to deal with it). But, self-exams can make a dramatic difference in when the cancer is detected. Provided, of course, you actually do them.


    AnaOno makes its debut in USA Today: Modern Women Magazine