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    The (re)Issue

    You were prepared for your treatment. You were prepared for your surgery. You read everything you could get your hands on when you were diagnosed with cancer. But nothing prepares you for the day when the post-mastectomy haze clears and you are standing at the mirror, wrapped up like a mummy, convinced the doctors accidentally stitched an elephant to your chest.

    The wait is OVER! The newest post-mastectomy additions to the AnaOno Family have finally arrived. These are our softest, most comfortable bras yet! Meet Molly and Monica: your new everyday essential bras. These soft, supportive and sexy surgical bras were made just for YOU, no matter what stage of your diagnosis, treatment or surgical journey you are in. 

    Learn all about the best ways to keep your mastectomy bras in excellent shape with tips for washing and drying AnaOno post-surgery bras correctly.


    Guest Post by Samantha Paige

    Why I Had Explant Surgery: Almost exactly eight years to the day, this past January, I had explant surgery. I had not been feeling well for years and hoped the explant would help, which it did. Equally importantly, I did not feel whole, sexy or connected to my implanted chest. It always felt foreign to me. 

    We know how overwhelming it can be when your mom calls you up and you hear the news, “I have breast cancer.” She’s scared, and you probably are too. While her breast cancer diagnosis can make you feel unsteady and unsure of what to do, just know that you are not alone.  

    Knowing how many bras you need after your single or double mastectomy can feel just as puzzling as knowing what bras to get in the first place. There are so many stages to surgery, recovery, treatment (and beyond!) that we need bras for. We are here to help you navigate the question: “how many post-mastectomy bras do I need?”

    Post-mastectomy style can be tricky. No matter what kind of surgery you’ve had, what your reconstructive choice is, or where you find yourself in your post-mastectomy adventure, we have fit and fashion tips that are sure to inspire once you have healed from your breast surgery.

    We can probably all agree that the average post-mastectomy bra at a mastectomy shop is kind of, well, THE WORST. Finding the right bra for your body is already tough enough when you have “regular” boobs, but now that yours have been removed because of a mastectomy, or if you are in the process of reconstructing, things are even trickier, more complicated, and seemingly impossible.

    After empowering yourself with tons of information and meeting with the best plastic surgeons and doctors for your breast surgery options after mastectomy, you and your medical team have decided that a DIEP Flap surgery is the best reconstructive breast surgery option for you.

    After your mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, your f(oo)bs don’t require underwire styles anymore. In a post-mastectomy world, womankind has been blessed by the fact that wirefree bralettes are now trendy, pretty, and supportive enough to completely replace our underwire bras. Luckily finding the perfect post-mastectomy bralette for your body and surgery type is now easier and more effortless than ever.



    So your wife was diagnosed with breast cancer or a genetic mutation and is now planning to undergo a mastectomy. We know how you must be overwhelmed, scared and a little unsure of how to help her through all of this, but you are not alone. 

    One of the biggest questions a lot of us face from being diagnosed with breast and undergoing mastectomy surgery, especially during this waiting period is, “What will my boobs look like?” And, “What bras are going to work for me?” Or, the dreaded, “Will I even be able to wear pretty bras again!?” The answer is YES...