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    The (re)Issue

    We know that sometimes, it may feel that our doctors don’t always get it. Especially how we may feel after leaving their office. This is not the case with Dr. Jonathan Bank, a plastic surgeon who’s on a mission to help those of us with mastectomies embrace our scars and newly reconstructed breasts (aka (f)oobs) with pride & confidence.  And we just had to share it with you!

    Guest Post: Katharine Doughty

    When I found a lump in my chest in early 2010, I was ten years into a series of 26 self-portraits with four 4 images to complete. A theme of reclaiming runs throughout the project: reclaiming of self-representation, of our personal and collective stories and the power of visual image. Be it ten years or ten minutes, the essential gift is the same: focused discovery and reflection via the arts allows us to be a witness to ourselves. To hear and respond creatively to our bodies with our bodies is to reclaim a role in the healing of our bodies.

    All month long, AnaOno is focusing on the importance of reclaiming and affirming your body.  Practice an “I am” statement twice a day for the next 30 to 45 days and form a new habit for body positivity and supportive self-talk.  
    Throughout diagnosis, surgery, treatment and healing, there are so many things we feel like we can’t or shouldn’t talk about. Too often, we are left feeling shy, scared or too guilty to open up about what we are feeling or experiencing.  We are here to break the silence. 

    Guest Post: Gina LaPapa

    When he drifted off to sleep, his lips pursed and we snuggled for a moment on that cold November afternoon. Upon standing, I felt a twinge of pain in my right nipple. I noted he didn’t nurse on that side so it couldn’t have been anything he might have done while nursing. Besides, the only pain I had ever experienced breastfeeding was at the newborn stage when the baby was learning to latch.

    After I set him in his crib, I slipped in to my bathroom to examine my nipple. A slight crack with a tiny bit of blood appeared out of nowhere.  

    We appreciate the time our customers take to leave us a review on the products they love. We love it even more when we get to hear how our lingerie, swim and loungewear solutions make them feel! It’s why we do what we do. Whether you’re newly diagnosed, recovering from reconstruction or mastectomy, lumpectomy surgeries, undergoing radiation, those who are flat and fabulous or those who wear breast forms, dealing with pain, for everyday wear and beyond, you’re sure to learn something new from fellow community members and Breasties like you.

    It feels different today. It’s been 9 years, this month, that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This month, February, has taken on a whole new purpose for me these last 3 years. Each year since 2010, it has been cancer reminder, think again about cancer, cancerversary, birthday. But in 2016, when Champagne Joy asked me if I would be interested in doing an AnaOno fashion show at New York Fashion Week with her and #Cancerland, things began to change.  

    It’s the month of love, and whether you’re spending it with someone special or not, there’s no better time to update your lingerie. This February, our theme is REFOUND LOVE. Though we may not always feel our best, it's time we give ourselves the self-love and attention we deserve.

    AnaOno is excited to once again be a part of Project #Cancerland’s fundraiser show at New York Fashion Week! The show, on February 10th, is in partnership with Project #Cancerland and benefitting Metavivor, an organization which funds research to treat & cure Stage IV breast cancer, the only breast cancer that kills. Now in our third year of this groundbreaking showcase, this year’s runway will feature models who are all currently living with and battling the terminal disease.

    Guest post by Tracy Birdsell, Breast Cancer Survivor and Meditation Teacher 

    My trip to Owego inspired this month’s meditation on revival. The trees and the piles of golden leaves on the ground from the season before all reminded me that everything is a cycle. With this in mind, I created an easy system for you to help you stay focused on what matters most to you in your life right now in the year ahead.


    HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s the start of another new year, and every year, we turn the page towards new opportunities and new adventures, in the hopes that this year will be the best yet, or maybe even better than last! For us here at AnaOno, the spark of a new year for us means REVIVAL. And that is what we are focusing on all month long. Revival is a special word for those of us in the breast cancer community, who after diagnosis, strive for recovery, a comeback and a reintroduction into who they are, and everything that encompasses. 


    It’s National Thank You Note Day, and I know who should get the biggest Thank You of all, and that is you all! This year there is so much to be thankful for, and all of it is because of you.