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8 Perfect Fitting Bras for Small Busts

8 Perfect Fitting Bras for Small Busts

Dana Donofree
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8 Perfect Fitting Bras for Small Busts

Contrary to society’s projection of desirable breast size, there are many advantages to having small busts AND plenty of wonderfully comfortable bras for people who have gone flat after having a double mastectomy. 

Check out  AnaOno’s favorite and perfect fitting bras for small busts below! 

Leslie Soft Leisure Bra

Shop Leslie bra for small bust

Why it’s great: The Leslie Flat Soft Leisure Bra is both soft and stunning. The sheer triangle middle gives the bra a unique feminine aesthetic that highlights a small bust. It fits incredibly well for women who are flat or have small breasts. Buy it now for $34.

Delilah Soft Cup Bra

Shop Delilah bra for small busts

Why it’s great: Who said you need cleavage for a sexy chest? Get ready for some stunning, low-cut lace action thanks to the Delilah Flat Soft Cup Bra. The light yet sturdy mesh in this bralette is both supportive and feminine. Buy it now for $38.

Susan Wrap Front Lace Bra

Shop Susan bra for small busts

Why it’s great: Elegance meets comfort in the Susan Flat Wrap Front Lace Bra. Both pretty and practical, this wrap-front bra will fit perfectly on your flat or small chest. The low neckline is sexy and functional, making this bra your best choice for low-cut outfit occasions. Buy it now for $48. 

Molly Plunge Bra

Shop Molly bra for small busts

Why it’s great: Experience ultimate underboob comfort thanks to the Molly Flat Plunge Bra. On smaller chests, the bust shape of this triangle underwire free t-shirt bra is extremely flattering since it mimics one's natural shape and emphasizes the area. Buy it now for $54.

Niya Flat Pullover Lounge Bra

Shop Niya Bra for small breasts


Why it’s great: It’s easy to fall in love with the Niya Flat Pullover LoungeBra. With its super-soft modal fabric, this everyday bra offers a comfortable fit that's perfect for people who have had mastectomy surgery and aesthetic flat-closures. This underwire-free bra comes with a softer-than-cotton modal material and a double-layer lining, so you can comfortably wear it all day long. Buy it now for $38. 

Monica Full Coverage Bra

Shop Monica bra for small breasts


Why it’s great: With its lightweight, ultra-breathable, and supportive modal material, the Monica Flat Full Coverage Bra provides maximum support and breathability. Innovative wire-free design provides all-day comfort while keeping you supported. Buy it now for $54.

Paige Flat Wrap Front Sports Bra

shop paige bra for small breasts


Why it’s great: AnaOno's Paige Flat Wrap Front Sports Bra showcases your small bust in style. This bra is perfect for light, everyday support in addition to low-impact activities so that you can move, be comfortable, and look great while doing so. Buy it now for $54. 

JamieLee Front Closure Lace Bra

shop Jamielee bra for small busts

Why it’s great: Get ready for ultimate comfort with the help of the JamieLee Flat Front CLosure Lace Bra. The front closure of this beautiful, modal fabric bra makes wearing this lace bralette a breeze. It is especially cozy for people with a flat post-mastectomy chest. Buy it now for $54.

What causes extremely small breasts?

Genetics are the number one culprit which dictate whether you have small or large breasts. Weight is also a determining factor in the size of your breasts. When your weight fluctuates, so can the size of your breasts. 

Your breasts can get smaller (or larger) as you age, as well. For example, many people experience larger breasts when they hit puberty, but our bodies can also change through menopause caused by hormonal changes.  

What are the advantages of having small breasts?

It's great to have small breasts! For example, styling and wearing clothing is a lot less tricky when you aren’t having to deal with large breasts. In addition, working out is generally more comfortable with small breasts being that they don’t bounce as you are active. Last but not least, low cut clothing can be worn without having to worry about anything falling out! 

Hannah Seivers, a speech language pathologist and yoga instructor, is a 34B and loves wearing bralettes and sports bras because they are super comfortable. There are lots of benefits to having small busts, she says.

"The number one advantage is not having to wear a bra a lot of the time and no one really notices," she said.

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Dana Donofree
Dana Donofree

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